No-Go Safety System™





The No-Go Safety System™ is a complete warning system to prevent drivers from entering a one-way road or ramp in the wrong direction.

Flashing lights, audible noises and assorted barriers may be incorporated into the warning system to get the driver’s attention and help prevent accidents, injuries and even death caused by car crashes on one-way roads. This system also includes motion detectors, data storage, warning signs, notification capabilities for emergency services, and a camera for photographing the license plate of the vehicle for identification.




Special features

  • One-way roads and ramps safety system
  • Placed at beginning of entrance to alert drivers
  • Motion detector initiates warning system
  • Camera captures license plate for identification
  • Warning signals and signs warn drivers of wrong way entry
  • Visual and audible warnings alert driver of danger
  • Barriers alert drivers of no entry
  • Additional warnings alert opposing traffic of oncoming vehicle
  • Communication system alerts law enforcement of danger
  • Reduces/prevents accidents on one-way ramps, roads and highways
  • Drunk drivers identified and reported to law enforcement
  • Data storage capability




The No-Go Safety System™ is a grouping of safety items that are placed on a one-way entrance ramp for a highway. It warnsn drivers that they are attempting to enter in the wrong direction. The warning system may include a motion detector, CPU, transmitters and receivers, memory, data storage, visual warning signs, audible warning signs, a telecommunication system, barrier arms that raise and lower, or stop sticks.

When the motion detector is activated by a vehicle entering the ramp in the wrong direction, it initiates a series of events that are intended to alert the driver that he is in danger.

Some of the following events may occur in a programmed sequence, and possibly prevent an accident from happening.

When a vehicle is detected, warnings, such as flashing lights and audible sounds, are activated. If the vehicle continues, signals warn oncoming traffic that there is a vehicle in their path. Law enforcement agencies are notified of the dangerous situation. The camera takes a picture of the vehicle for identification, and this information is stored in the CPU. If the vehicle continues, barrier arms or stop sticks are automatically deployed to prevent the vehicle from continuing.

Since the components of the No-Go Safety System™ are already available, cost will be minimum to implement multiple systems and reduce or eliminate accidents on one-way streets and ramps.

The No-Go Safety System™ was designed for one-way highway ramps, but will be useful in other situations, such as airport traffic, arena parking, one-way streets at schools, shopping areas, downtown areas and other high-traffic locations.


Materials needed to produce the No-Go Safety System™:

  • Motion detector unit
    • Motion detector
    • Transmitter
    • Battery
    • CPU
    • Memory
    • Warning system
  • Camera unit
    • Transceiver
    • Battery
    • CPU
    • Camera
    • Input
    • Storage
    • Memory
    • Warning system
    • Communication System
  • Barrier
    • Arm that raises or lowers
    • Stop sticks
  • Warning system for other traffic



The No-Go Safety System™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,640,072














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