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As of December 17th, 2023, there have been at least 82 school shootings in the United States with 52 of them occurring on K-12 school grounds. This number unfortunately keeps increasing each year with no end in sight. It is no surprise that protecting children from violence, especially gun violence, is a top priority for parents and caregivers. There are few options where children can have handy, readymade solutions for effectively protecting themselves from violence. While bulletproof devices exist, it is not common for children to always be carrying or wearing these devices to protect themselves. The Whitfield Shield™ seeks to challenge the industry standards by its innovative design and usability to protect our children.

The Whitfield Shield™ is a bulletproof backpack that provides maximum protection for school aged children. It is a stylish and functional backpack made from waterproof material to meet the needs of any student. It uses polyethylene panels throughout the backpack to provide protection on multiple areas of the child. This product seeks to provide protection for school aged children all over the United States along with peace of mind for their parents and caregivers.



Special Features

  • A bulletproof backpack that provides maximum protection to school aged children from violence, especially gun violence
  • Contains polyethylene panels that protect the back of the torso, back of the head and neck, front middle torso, and upper chest
  • Functional backpack with pockets and compartments to hold school supplies
  • Able to be made in a variety of fun designs for the child’s enjoyment
  • Lightweight and easy for children to carry around all day at school
  • Design is flexible to fit backpacks of all sizes
  • Contains a connector for shoulder straps to distribute backpack weight evenly
  • Backpack made from waterproof material to protect the items inside
  • Has adjustable shoulder straps
  • Easy to clean
  • Cost efficient design
  • Made from high quality, durable materials
  • Simple manufacturing process


The Whitfield Shield™ is a backpack that contains material to make it bulletproof in multiple areas to protect the child wearing the backpack. There are multiple bulletproof panels made from polyethylene that enforce the protection this backpack provides. The first panel is in the back portion of the backpack to protect the back of the torso. The second panel is curved and located above the back panel elevated above the backpack to protect the back of the head and neck. This second panel can be attached or detached from the rest of the backpack with a zipper. The third and fourth panels are smaller and located on the shoulder straps to protect the front middle torso and upper chest, including the child’s heart. All these panels are attached to a backpack made from waterproof material. The backpack also contains shoulder strap connectors to distribute the backpack weight evenly along with helping prevent the bulletproof head and neck protector from falling back.

The material used to protect the children with the Whitfield Shield™ is polyethylene. Polyethylene is a lightweight and versatile plastic material that helps protect against bullets and other potential harmful objects. The polyethylene essentially captures the bullet in its material making it extremely effective. When a bullet meets polyethylene, the heat causes partial melting of the material allowing the bullet to lodge itself into the melted part of the panel while the un-melted portion stops it from progressing any further. Once the bullet is stopped, the polyethylene rehardens resulting in capturing the bullet and stopping the threat it presents. This is also what allows it to be multi-hit capable in case there are multiple rounds of bullets shot into the panel. It provides extreme protection with not only being pistol-rated but rifle-rated which is essential since rifles such as AR-15s tend to be a popular weapon of choice for school shooters. The material itself is also extremely durable withstanding any potential wear and tear from being used and even dropped by the child while using the backpack.

Not only is the Whitfield Shield™ a great way to protect school aged children, but it also serves as a very function backpack. It contains pockets and compartments along with a sizeable main pocket to hold school supplies such as books, laptops, tablets, gym shorts, water bottles, and more. The materials used to make this backpack are lightweight making it easy for even preschoolers or elementary students to carry it around all day at their school. The polyethylene is a big contributor to the product being easy to carry with it being one of the lightest bulletproof materials on the market. The backpack is made with a waterproof material that helps protect the items contained within the backpack from any potential liquid spills. This waterproof material is also easy to clean making it popular for parents with messy kids or having it thrown in the dirt at sports practice.

The cost-efficient design of the Whitfield Shield™ is flexible allowing it to be made in all sizes to fit preschool children to full grown teenagers or college students. Not only can it be made in a variety of sizes, but it can be made with a multitude of cool designs making it fun for the child to wear at school and show off to their friends. With its design, it has adjustable shoulder straps to make sure it fits the child snuggly but not too tightly. It also contains shoulder strap connectors to help distribute the weight of the backpack evenly allowing it to be ergonomic along with ensuring the head and neck protector does not fall back and is evenly balanced on the child’s frame.



Materials needed to produce the Whitfield Shield™:

  • Polyethylene plate
  • Waterproof backpack
  • Tools to shape polyethylene plate


The Whitfield Shield™  is covered by United States Utility Patent: 11,653,744



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