Sanitizing System For Toilet-Cleaning Implements




We pay a lot of attention to keeping our bathrooms clean, so why would we neglect the tools that get the job done.  Toilet brushes and plungers do dirty jobs – so keeping them clean should be a priority. Like toilets, the toilet brush and plunger can be carriers for germs.  The Journal of Applied Microbiology printed a study by J. Baker 12/25/01, stating that in 4 out of 6 households tested, salmonella was found under the rims of the toilet bowl.  Even though you regularly use your toilet brush to scrub those germs, without regular cleaning and sanitizing of the bristles, your brush can spread nasty germs each time you use it (yikes)!

Good Housekeeping tells us that not only do we need to take steps to clean our tools; but how often do we think about the brush or plunger holder we store our tools in when we are done?  In How to Clean a Toilet Brush and Plunger After Use (Grove Collaborative 12/13/21) it states that after use we should:


  1. Wash the brush
  2. Spray the brush with a disinfectant
  3. Soak for 30 minutes
  4. Rinse
  5. Air-dry

All before storing it in a brush holder which they state should also be cleaned at least every other use and also allowed to thoroughly dry before storing your tools.   Do you have all that time?  Or are you like the rest of us and just drop the tool in the holder and forget about it until the next cleaning?

There are many options for storing our tools: from the basic to the novelty, but few offer ways to keep our tools clean and sanitized, or to keep those holders from becoming swampy, smelly, germ factories.

The Sanitizing System For Toilet-Cleaning Implements provides us with the answer to sanitizing our tools and storage holders.  The Sanitizing System For Toilet-Cleaning Implements allows us to clean, sanitize, and store our toilet brush or plunger safely and with the knowledge that the next time we need it, the toilet brush or plunger will be clean and ready for use.



Special features

  • Cleans tools by soaking
  • Provides a contained environment to control odor
  • Disinfectants and sanitizes without an extended routine or wait
  • Available in 2 plunger designs:
    • Standard cup plunger design
    • Convex insert for flange plunger interior disinfecting
  • Adaptable to any design
  • Ensures a clean and sanitary toilet brush and plunger for every use
  • Liner available to be sold separately
  • Able to be retrofitted to existing toilet cleaning brushes and plunger holders





The outbreak of COVID-19 in addition to rising health awareness and risk of critical diseases has augmented the need for clean and hygienic environments.  The high importance of cleaning and disinfection to limit the spread of diseases and micro-organisms among different surfaces has supported the demand for varied cleaning equipment (  The Sanitizing System For Toilet-Cleaning Implements provides the means to help us keep our homes clean and safe.

The Sanitizing System For Toilet-Cleaning Implements consists of a container, liner, lid and disinfecting liquid.  The disinfecting liquid is stored in the liner, inside the container, and the lid hides away the toilet brush or plunger. This allows the toilet brush or plunger to rest submerged in the disinfecting liquid.  For plunger holders a convex insert at the bottom of the liner would allow the disinfecting liquid to be pushed into the underside of the plunger.

A drain and plug located at the bottom of the liner allows for easy emptying of the disinfecting liquid when needed.  The container and lid may be solid or contain a slot to allow for easy entry and removal of the tool.  This allows for easy containment of those drips and splashes of dirty toilet water growing germs, causing odors and drying at the bottom of your holder.  The basic container can be adapted to any design to appeal to any consumer while maintaining the Sanitizing System For Toilet-Cleaning Implements effectiveness.






The Sanitizing System For Toilet-Cleaning Implements would be offered in several versions including:


And can be made available:

  • with different colored handles for the white base
  • in a metallic finish: nickel brushed, gold, or chrome finish
  • a plunger holder in black with a black handle or any desired handle color to match decor
  • a wood set to match a wooden plunger handle
  • a combination set for brush and plunger


The options can be as varied and numerous as can be imagined.


Materials needed to produce the Sanitizing System for Toilet-Cleaning Implements:

  • Container
  • Liner
  • Lid
  • Stable base
  • Drain and drain plug
  • Disinfecting liquid
  • Brush and handle


The Sanitizing System For Toilet-Cleaning Implements is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,786,125



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