Grading soil is a crucial step in preparing the ground for planting, particularly when laying sod. Proper grading ensures that the surface is level, promotes proper drainage, and creates an environment that is conducive to healthy root growth. A level surface also enhances the aesthetic appeal of the lawn and makes it easier to control weeds. In this sense, grading soil before laying sod is a critical step in establishing a healthy, attractive, and sustainable lawn.

Grading the soil before laying sod helps to create a healthy environment for root growth. A level surface allows roots to spread evenly, ensuring that the sod grows uniformly.

A graded surface ensures that the sod appears level and aesthetically pleasing, creating a more attractive and uniform lawn.

Grading the soil helps to eliminate low spots where water can accumulate and encourage weed growth. A level surface makes it easier to apply weed control measures, reducing the risk of weed infestation.


Special features

  • Sits Above and Slightly Behind The Drum for Optimal Viewing And Control
  • Long Wheelbase Has Less Effects On Bumps
  • Two Biasers with Different Functions




The Self Propelled Landscape Rake™ is a dirt contouring and grading device for the final grading of a soil bed prior to sodding. It includes a vehicle, which in turn comprises a frame, various wheels, and a propulsion unit so that the vehicle is self propelled.

 A deck that is connected to the grame has a drum attached. The drum is coupled to an actuator that is powered to selectively effect axial rotation of the drum against a surface upon which the vehicle is positioned. A first biaser is powered to selectively raise, lower and angle the desk relative to the frame to create flat sections, gentle hills and mounds in a soil bed. A second biaser is powered to selectively effect longitudinal rotation of the drum relative to the deck to direct excess soil to one side or the other of the vehicle.




Material needed to produce the Self Propelled Landscape Rake™:

  • 70 H.P. Engine
  • Hydrostatic Drive
  • Hydraulic Pump & Motor For The Drum
  • Hydraulic Pump & Valves For Controlling The Drum
  • Differential for the Drive, Wheels, Steering Axel & Controls



The Self Propelled Landscape Rake™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 11,326,323




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