Go Find Me™



The Go Find Me™ is a bracelet (or other jewelry item) that contains a GPS locator. The beacon is automatically activated when immersed in water, or the wearer can flip a switch, when lost or in a dangerous situation. People who are boating and accidentally fall off the boat can be quickly found.

This technology also works for people who get lost or find themselves in a dangerous situation and need help. Flipping a switch on the bracelet activates the locator beacon and someone is alerted to the situation. The signal is sent to a pre-determined receiver, either SMS or MMS, through a wireless cell service, and the person can be found.

This technology was designed for people who fall off a boat, experience flood situations, or anyone else in a water-based emergency. The Go Find Me™ can also be used on dry land to find a person who has wandered away or gotten lost, especially in situations where someone may be hurt or lost and need help getting home.



Special features

  • Jewelry item holds GPS beacon
  • Wearable safety device
  • Water activated
  • Switch activated
  • Beacon transmits emergency signal
  • Beacon transmits location coordinates
  • SMS or MMS messages sent to receiver
  • Sends multiple signals at timed intervals
  • Versatile product – many different uses




The Go Find Me™ is a safety device that is worn during outdoor activities as a jewelry item. It contains a GPS beacon that sends out signals and messages to a pre-determined receiver when it is activated. Immersing the Go Find Me™ in water, as when falling off a boat, will automatically activate the beacon and begin to send information to the receiver that someone needs help.

An alternate activation happens by a switch that the user turns on. This method can be used by a person who is lost, or injured, and is alone in remote locations. This safety device is a great item to take camping, to give to an elderly person (dementia and Alzheimer’s patients), for kids, and many others who could wander off or end up in dangerous situations while spending time outdoors.

The Go Find Me™ can be incorporated into a wrist band, necklace or ring. The transmitting technology can send signals and messages at programmed intervals until the person is located. It is powered by a battery, and can be worn by people of all ages.

Materials needed to produce the Go Find Me™:

  • Jewelry item
    • Wristband
    • Necklace
    • Ring
  • GPS beacon
    • Locator technology
    • Water activation sensor
    • Switch sensor
  • Radio transmitter
  • Signal programming software
  • Information processor
  • Receiver software



The Go Find Me™  is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,818,284














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