Freezer Mate™


The Freezer Mate™ is an ice cube tray that forms different sizes of ice cylinders that fit into cups, bottles, jugs and other containers. The cylindrical-shaped ice plug extends the time that bottled water and other drinks stay cold.



Special features

  • Flexible ice cube tray
  • Cylindrical molds
  • Rounded tops
  • Pop-out ice plugs
  • Thumb grip for easy removal
  • Multiple sizes in one tray
  • Ice plugs fit into bottles, jugs, bowls
  • Less ice needed for cooling
  • Keeps drinks cold longer
  • Stackable
  • Great for on-the-go drinks




The Freezer Mate™ is a molded, flexible ice tray that forms ice plugs in different sizes. The tray freezes water into cylindrical, domed shapes that are used for cooling drinks. The unusual shape allows for the ice to fit into different sized round openings of water bottles, jugs or other containers. The ice plugs are long-lasting, easy to use, and can be placed in drink containers of all types. They are also great for on-the-go drinks.

The Freezer Mate™ ice tray is reusable, stackable and easy to use. Hold the tray on the gripping area, use a thumb to dislodge ice plugs, and insert into appropriate-sized containers. The ice will keep drinks cold in lunch boxes, backpacks, and other receptacles where no refrigeration is available. The Freezer Mate™ will be sold in 2-pack units.


Materials needed to produce the Freezer Mate™:

  • Flexible thermoplastic or silicon tray
    • Molded
    • Cylindrical indentions
    • 1 ½” deep
    • Various diameters
  • Thumb grip




The Freezer Mate™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,174,983

















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