Golf Towel




The Golf Towel is a fabric towel designed to clean both a golf club head and a golf ball more thoroughly than any other currently on the market. It has abrasive portions specifically fashioned to fit a golf ball and iron club heads.

The first abrasive portion is configured geometrically to match dimples on a golf ball. It also can include a bowl-shaped cavity for at least partially enveloping a golf ball that is seated on it.


The second abrasive portion of the towel includes mounts arranged in linear and parallel rows to clean individual corresponding grooves on a golf iron head.

It can also be designed using the reverse side of the towel for the left-handed golf club – so all golfers can benefit from this unique product.





Special features

  • Appeals to all golfers regardless of handicap
  • Uniquely designed and configured to specifically clean the dimples of a golf ball and the grooves of the golf club head
  • Keeps golf clubs and balls in optimum playing condition
  • Cleans a club head thoroughly – allowing for better contact which affects the spin and control of the golf ball
  • Cleans a golf ball thoroughly allowing for a truer flight path as well as spin to hold a green
  • Design enables players to clean the dimples of a golf ball quickly and easily
  • Unique design is simple and effective and is an attractive part of a golfer’s accessories




A working prototype of the Golf Towel can be made available to demonstrate the design and functionality of the product.




The Golf Towel is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,188,919




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