Blue Glad Glove™



The Blue Glad Glove™ is a locking cover for a tractor trailer’s air hose connector. It prevents the line from disconnecting while the truck is in motion or when the air brakes are applied.

The small, inexpensive device clips into place over air hose connectors, and keeps them secure until removed by the driver. This is a safety device that every trucker can carry in a tool box or storage area, is easily applied, and ensures the hoses to the brake line will not become disconnected and will keeps air brakes functioning.




Special features

  • Covers air hose connection
  • Clips over the connection in two pieces
  • Securely locks into place
  • Keeps connection from disengaging
  • Easy to install
  • Ensures air supply to braking system
  • Simple design
  • Small but efficient safety device





The Blue Glad Glove™ is a two-piece locking device that provides a way to keep air-line connectors securely attached while driving. This provides a safeguard to connect the brake lines and emergency air-lines from the truck or tractor to the trailer without the use of duct tape, zip ties or other methods that are messy, unreliable and difficult to attach.

The Blue Glad Glove™ is manufactured of plastic or nylon materials for use in any weather condition for optimal durability. It is easy to install over air line connectors (such as gladhands) and keeps them secured while driving. They are small, inexpensive security devices that can be used by any tractor/trailer driver for air brake connections.

Materials needed to produce the Blue Glad Glove™:

  • Molded Nylon
    • Two pieces
    • Interlocking design





TheBlue Glad Glove™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,781,953






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