Refresh ‘n’ Flip™ Containers



The Refresh ‘n’ Flip™ Containers are reversible containers that have removable closures at each end. The container can be filled with a dry product such as sugar, flour, coffee, tea, protein powder, etc. After new product is added, the container is inverted. In this way, the user is able to use all of the residual contents of the container first, because the older product is now at the top of the container. The instructions for use are in the name.

The Refresh ‘n’ Flip™ Containers can be applied to any dry product storage where freshness is a concern. It can be applied to medicine containers, protein containers, kitchen canisters or any bulk dry products that you might find in a whole foods store. Imagine a flour or sugar canister nearing the end. You fill it and flip it so the old is on top and is used before the new.



Special features

  • Could be utilized in kitchen canisters, medicine bottles, spice containers, protein containers, etc.
  • Eliminates accumulation of stale or outdated dry products
  • Efficient means of replenishing dry products such as baking ingredients, spices and medicines
  • Can be color coordinated with mesh colors, to complement décor
  • Both top and bottom lids are securely screwed on
  • Container is filled and then flipped so that the old is on top and used before the new


Materials needed to produce the Refresh ‘n’ Flip™ Containers:

Example: Kitchen Canisters

  • 4-5 Canisters
    • Hollow
    • Openings on both ends
    • Plastic or metal
    • Varying sizes
      • Each canister is ¼ larger than a typical dry product package
    • Screw off top lid
      • Rubber sleeves for décor coordination
    • Screw off bottom lid
      • Rubber sleeves for décor coordination



The Refresh ‘n’ Flip™ Containers is covered by United States Utility Patent: 8,186,391













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