Scapho-Lunate Fixation Implants™ Surgical Kit




The Scapho-Lunate Fixation Implants™ Surgical Kit is an implant assembly useful in wrist bone fixation surgeries. It consists of a plate configured to be implanted into the scaphoid and a second plate configure to be implanted into the lunate. Theses plates are coupled together by a rotatable rod.

The rod and plate assembly holds the alignment of the Scapho-Lunate Fixation Implants™ while the body incorporates the natural tissue into the scaphoid and lunate. This is not designed to replace the scapho-lunate ligament, but rather to enhance the natural tissue repair. The Scapho-Lunate Fixation Implants™ provide sufficient strength for enhancing the repair during early motion. Natural repair without the use of the Scapho-Lunate Fixation Implants™ would not be as strong. The Scapho-Lunate Fixation Implants™ are designed to supplement the strength of these tissues for the life of the patient. The patient’s natural repair mechanisms combined with the Scapho-Lunate Fixation Implants™ increase the strength of the repair and expand the final range of motion in the wrist.





Special features

  • Easier for the operating surgeon to implement
  • Reduces the time a patient needs to wear a cast after the surgery
  • Includes the same, or similar, modulus of elasticity as bone
  • Has better results and reliability for the patient over current devices and methods
  • Provides more consistent and reliable assemblies and surgical techniques to treat SLD than what is currently being used
  • It allows movement in three different planes (dorsal-volar, radio-ulnar, and rotational movement)
  • Provides a system and method that can treat both acute and chronic cases of SLD in which the dissociation can still be reduced to an anatomical alignment
  • Allows the patient to have early motion between the carpal bones and the radius after the surgery, while still retaining a reliable repair that will improve the final functionality of the wrist
  • Includes a cutting jig with an outline of the fixation device, configured to allow a health provider to cut the shape of the fixation device into the scaphoid and lunate
  • Provides a superior interface with small bones
  • Provides enough stabilizing fixation that it allows early active motion of the wrist by the patient





Materials needed to produce the Scapho-Lunate Fixation Implants™ Surgical Kit:

  • Fixation device
  • Two plates
    • One hole
    • Rectangular
    • Concave outward faces
    • Perforations
      • Kirschner wire
        • Carbon based
        • 4” to 8” in length
        • 026” to 0.062” in diameter
      • Pyrocarbon or other turbostratic carbons
    • Rod
      • Lateral
      • Rotatable
      • Titanium
      • Cylindrical
      • 1” or less in length
    • Cutting jig
    • Impactor tamp
      • 2 Sheaths
    • Alignment jig
      • Handle
      • Horizontal extension
        • 2 Pegs
      • Anchors
        • Hemispheres



The  Scapho-Lunate Fixation Implants™ Surgical Kit is covered by

United States Utility Patent:  8,133,283













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