Shu-Boot Renew™


The Shu-Boot Renew™ is a hands-free way to polish shoes. Shoes are placed inside the container, clamped onto a linear track, the openings are covered by doors that are closed while in operation, and a programmable display screen allows customized function selections. Functions include cleaning, polishing, buffing, sanitizing, deodorizing and others.

The Shu-Boot Renew™ can be produced as a single unit for one shoe, a side-by-side unit for a pair of shoes, or a stacked unit for customers with space restrictions. The multiple functions are easily programmable through a WiFi app, and the cleaners, polishes, wax coatings, brushes, cloths and other products and tools are easily selected for specific colors, styles, and shapes of men’s and women’s footwear.




Special features

  • Automatic shoe cleaning and polishing
  • Hands-free operation
  • Cleans entire shoe
  • WiFi communication
  • Programmable functions
  • Display notifications
  • Multiple options for cleaning and polishing
  • Accepts different shoe styles
  • Cleans men’s and women’s shoes
  • Single or dual shoe modes
  • Clamps hold shoes in place on moveable track
  • Insert protects the inside of the shoe
  • Container cover options
  • Platform lift option
  • Kiosk placement option




The Shu-Boot Renew™ is an automatic, hands-free shoe cleaning and polishing machine. It contains all the products for cleaning, waxing, polishing, sanitizing, and deodorizing any shoe. It contains all tools necessary for wiping, spraying, and buffing. A WiFi communication system allows for customizing the requests of the user, and the readable display screen is user-friendly. The WiFi can also notify the owner of low supplies, an error in programming, or an interruption in service that needs attention.

A single unit holds one shoe at a time, a double unit holds two shoes and can be configured with side-by-side openings or stacked. Shoes are placed inside the container, clamped onto a track, and move laterally as the components work to scrub, brush, buff, shine, clean, spray, and other functions to achieve the desired effect.  A door will cover each opening when the machine is in use, and will open automatically when finished. A double unit can also be attached to a lift (purchased separately) or placed in a kiosk for use in high-traffic, public areas.

Many options are available for covering the device housing, including laminate, paint, wood, or stone-finish panels. The Shu-Boot Renew™ will accommodate most types of shoes, including sneakers, high heels and boots. An insert is placed inside each shoe, before cleaning, to protect the inside. Many people will enjoy having a shoe-cleaning system in their homes.

Materials needed to produce the Shu-Boot Renew™:

  • Housing
    • Optional coverings
    • Openings (one or two)
  • Tracks (one or two)
  • Clamps
  • Sensors, alarms, lights
  • Display screen
  • WiFi communication network
  • Electronic doors
  • Motor for linear track movement
  • Dryer
  • Products
    • Cleaners
    • Polishes and waxes
    •  Sanitizer
    • Deodorizer
  • Brushes, cloths, sprayers
  • Inserts
  • Storage Bags



The Shu-Boot Renew™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,327,621 





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