The Bubble™




The Bubble™, a newly patented technology available for licensing. The Bubble™ is an enclosure that provides a sterile and oxygen-free environment for surgery patients. This environment protects an incision from absorbing oxygen, which can accelerate the spread of cancerous cells present in the patient’s body.

The Bubble™ contains the patient, surgical instruments and other necessary apparatus for the procedure. Inert and sterile gas is pumped into the enclosure, and oxygen is removed. Access to perform the surgery is achieved through gloves extending into The Bubble™ through sealed openings.




Special features

  • Sealable surgical patient enclosure
  • Oxygen-free surgical environment
  • Sealed access openings with surgical gloves
  • Multiple sealable ports for tubes, lines and other equipment
  • Sterile environment for performing surgery
  • Safe environment for all surgery patients
  • Prevents oxygen-induced spread of cancer cells
  • Protects open incisions from airborne contaminants]
  • Reduces or eliminates risk of infection



The Bubble™ is a clear, domed, rectangular, airtight enclosure that is sized for an adult patient. Access points with sealed surgical gloves are provided on all sides, as well as multiple sealed access ports for allowing medications, transfusion equipment, air lines, etc. to be placed and used inside.

Gauges, monitors, sensors and surgical tools are also placed inside The Bubble™ before the enclosure is purged with sterile gas prior to surgery. Oxygen is pumped out, and positive pressure is retained to avoid entrance of any ambient outside air which may contain contaminants that would cause an infection. The incision is protected during surgery, thereby reducing the chance of spreading cancerous cells, if any are present.

The Bubble™ provides a sterile environment for performing surgical procedures. It decreases the risk of infection and/or spreading cancer cells that are exposed to oxygen through an incision. All types of surgery are safer and less likely to develop an infection when performed in The Bubble™. Patient comfort and safety are ensured within this environment.



Materials needed to produce The Bubble:

    • Sealable enclosure
      • Clear plastic or other hard material
      • Sealed openings with gloves
      • Sealable access ports
      • Gauges
    • Oxygen tank with mask
    • Oxygen pump
    • Lights
    • Surgery table



The Bubble™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,016,252
















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