Method for Unlocking Bioactive Proteins


In recent years, the trend of technological development in societies has caused fundamental changes in our lifestyles.  By reducing the physical activities needed to keep us healthy; sedentary jobs, evenings in front of the TV, reduced participation in sport or other physical type activities, the incidence of some diseases, including cardiovascular complications and different types of cancer, has increased in people in developed and developing societies. While modern medicine continues to advance the efforts to help us live healthier lives, the side effects of the treatments and cures often feel like we are causing more problems than we are fixing.  A 2018 report by showed people want to believe in alternative medicines; 47% aged 18-37, 44% aged 38-55. 

After intense exercise or physical activity many athletes will consume protein based drinks as it has been shown that amino acids help repair and rebuild muscles.  Bioactive proteins and peptides are considered as important ingredients in functional food, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals. (  The roles of bioactive proteins and peptides include:

  • Antioxidant – protecting cells against free radicals which play a role in heart disease and cancer.
  • Antimicrobial – an agent that kills microorganisms or stops growth – antibiotics, antifungals
  • Antihypertensive – help to lower blood pressure
  • Immunomodulatory – a substance that modifies, or modulates, the immune system to help your body respond to disease or illness
  • Anti-tumor – fighting tumor growth and the spread of tumors

Our natural immune system is the most effective biological system to maintain health as it rapidly identifies pathogens, destroys them, and returns the body back to its normal state.  Nature gives us colostrum from our mothers when we are born.  It is nutrient-dense and high in antibodies and antioxidants to build a newborn baby’s immune system, but it changes to breast milk within a few days of birth.  So how can we use what nature provides to help our bodies to protect and repair itself?  Current available methods to produce bioactive proteins from food proteins such as eggs, milk, and meat proteins are: enzymatic hydrolysis, hydrolysis with digestive enzymes, or fermentation. (


There is a need for improvement in the method of creating natural remedies for health issues and unlocking the proteins found in colostrum and other proteins to help activate our bodies’ natural immune and healing abilities. This new Method for Unlocking Bioactive Proteins substantially diverges in design elements from known methods while at the same time solves a problem many face when looking for natural remedies for health issues and continuing the advantages from proteins by transforming them into a different biological makeup, thus creating BIO-20.



Special features

  • This method has the unique ability to activate the innate immune system when applied to epithelial cells especially those in the oral and nasal cavity
  • Produces bioactive proteins that behaves similar to colostrum in activating the innate immune system
  • The bio-active protein in BIO-20 coming from the globular protein fraction of whey protein is latent (non-active) when produced by the lactating female. The patented process releases these fractions that are then active.



Many of us experience stress every day; physical, mental, behavioral, and emotional stresses all of which can lead to cardiovascular disease, common colds, gastrointestinal disease, cancer and chronic pain. (  Oxidative stress is a change in the balance between pro-oxidants and antioxidants, which increases the levels of free radicals in the body that can lead to biological damage.  Diseases associated with this imbalance include cancer, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.  Increasing incidents of which we continue to see.

Modern medicine proscribes many treatments for our illnesses: from medications to physical therapies to surgery and more extreme procedures like radiation for cancers.  Many do help but the side effects can be numerous and harsh on our bodies, so much so that more and more

people are seeking alternatives.  How do we help our bodies own natural system repair itself?  This new Method for Unlocking Bioactive Proteins used to create BIO-20 may be the answer.

This new invention provides a Method for Unlocking Bioactive Proteins by manipulating the pH of the proteins. 

  1. The method starts by creating a mixture comprising of water and silica salt. The silica salt blend function is to attach the unlocked proteins as they are released from the globular fraction of the whey thus separating the small protein bands as the globular protein is dissolved.
  2. Then, adding whey protein.  An optional plasma protein may be added.
  3.  A base is then added to the mixture raising the pH level above 11 pH. The raising of the pH in this range will cause the proteins to disperse into smaller protein bands, keeping the proteins unlocked in the new form.
  4. Then, adding an acid to the mixture lowering the pH level below 3 pH. The lowering of the pH will stop the unlocking process and prevent the mixture from degrading. When the pH is lowered the carrier protein in the whey is released and these proteins cling together and can be separated from the liquid mixture.
  5. A separating process will then remove the liquid and unattached protein from the new unlocked and attached proteins.  A centrifuge will allow the useable product to be separated from the product that has not been changed and sort the product into a product that can be finished, and then used.
  6. Once the process has been halted the protein mixture must be brought back to a useable pH level. Adding another base to the protein mixture will raise the pH level to between 3 and 5 pH. This level will allow the proteins to be used in a wide variety of products.Finally the mixture is cleaned.

The most critical part of the process is an accurate use of the chemical base (Koh) and the acid (Hcl) so the pH process is followed as designed.  An accurate pH meter is essential to the manufacturing of the product. Once the proteins have been unlocked many different products can be made.  They can be made into a pill, turned into a drink, or made into a salve.




We all fear the decline of our health.  In a study by, “The Diseases Americans Fear the Most in 2023”, published March 30, 2023, 3,000 Americans were asked this very question.  The top 2 most feared were: #1 Cancer and #2 Alzheimer’s Disease.  Both can be devastating and debilitating and while treatments exist there are no guarantees of cure or remission.  The effects can be severe and life-altering leading to physical, emotional, and financial burdens for both the individual and their love ones.

Cancer can be difficult to diagnose and treatment options can be limited and expensive.  It can strike anyone, regardless of age, gender, or lifestyle.  Cancer can appear anywhere in the body and often the cause is unknown. While there are advances that have extended survival, the question of a reoccurrence is always looming.

Alzheimer’s is a progressive brain disease that is characterized by changes in the brain including amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary, or tau, tangles that result in loss of neurons and their connections.  These and other changes affect a person’s ability to remember, think, and eventually, to live independently.  The number of people with Alzheimer’s Disease doubles about every 5 years beyond age 65.  About one-third of all people age 85 and older may have Alzheimer’s. (National Institute on Aging, 2019)  To date, there is no known cure and few treatments.

So what can we do to help ourselves?  Even when we try to do everything right:  live a healthy lifestyle, eat right, exercise, don’t smoke or drink, there is still no guarantee our genetics won’t result in the very conditions we are trying so hard to avoid. This is where BIO-20 may be able to help us help our natural immune system to prevent or repair damage to live longer healthier lives.


Case Study

The BIO-20 product which resulted from this process was used by a patient that had been fighting cancer for several years.  The cancer had returned and the doctors did not believe there was much that could be done to stop its progress and suggested the patient consider palliative care to comfortably live out her remaining days.  The patient has been using Bio-20 for approximately 18 months – as of 9/14/2023.

At the start, the patients’ blood analysis showed that because of the cancer re-growth, the white blood cells – neutrophils and eosinophils – and bilirubin levels went down significantly. Shortly after these results the patient began taking BIO-20.  Two months later at the doctors’ evaluation these results all returned to normal.  Since starting BIO-20 the patient has regained their energy level and has been significantly more positive about what is happening.  The patient feels part of the change in mood is because of their attitude, they are doing something to help themselves that is good for them personally.

Low white cell levels can cause serious infections.  BIO-20 use seems to activate the process of keeping these important molecules at a functional level.

After being on BIO-20 for about 11 months the doctors’ report showed an area in the lower intestinal area of fast growing cells.  The patient had reduced the use of BIO-20 prior to the test.  An increase of 3 times the level was recommended.  The next evaluation they couldn’t find any evidence of the fast-growing cells.  The patient appeared to be back to normal.

16 months after starting BIO-20 the medical team observed with a c-scan that one of the cancer sites had doubled in size and recommended surgery to remove it.  The surgery was conducted and at the same time BIO-20 applied right after the operation at 3 times the normal level for 10 days.  3 weeks later the patient appeared to be over any side effects of the surgery.  A week later the surgeon and the oncologist were pleased with the patient’s condition.

For the first time, a surgery was conducted and at the same time BIO-20 (an activator of the innate immune system) was used. Three months after surgery there was no new cancers which is a positive report and she is feeling good.  The surgeon removed the cancerous tissue, the patients innate immune system processed any debris from the surgery, destroyed the abnormal cells, simultaneously removed the residue and put into motion the complex process of tissue healing as a result of the surgery, and held down inflammation in the process.

Alzheimer’s Disease and Inflammation Using BIO-20 as a Treatment (excerpts)


What options does a person have when told they have Alzheimer’s disease?

  1. The person can do nothing.
  1. They can use several treatments that have given very minimal results at a large cost with significant side effects.
  1. Take charge of your treatment by using BIO-20 to activate your immune system.


By using BIO-20 on a regular basis it appears to act in bursts to process the amyloid plaques, tau tangles, and reduce inflammation, which are known to be important markers of Alzheimer’s disease.  It is proposed that by taking control and treating yourself you are likely to arrest the progress of the disease.  This will allow you to live out your life with less chance of the debilitating effects that are characteristic of the disease.

Alzheimer’s disease appears to develop over many years before the signs of the disease appear.  The brain cells that are lost are likely not retrievable, so the best goal would be to stop the disease’s progress or to reduce the development of the disease to a manageable level.  Trials using Colostrinin (low molecular fraction from goat colostrum) appear to be effective in slowing or stopping the progress of the disease.  Their data showed a significant reduction of the amyloid plaques and tau tangles and reduced systemic inflammation.

BIO-20 appears to cause the innate immune system to act in bursts.  This is based on a report on using Colostrinin treated buccal (cheek) cells, then measuring the gene expression transitional analysis 90 minutes later.  The treatment effected 45 major and over 300 secondary reactions.  This burst of activity seems to suggest an approach of multi-doses over time administered via the oral cavity, and appears to be the preferred method of treatment.  The Colostrinin used in their studies was administered in pill form so as to not be effective until absorbed in the intestinal tract.  By applying BIO-20 in the oral cavity it appears to start a fast response that facilitates the reduction of cellular debris and reduces inflammation.

When faced with any illness, in particular Acute and Chronic Diseases, a treatment that creates a deviation from the normality of life the person going thru it experiences, raises the question of quality of life.  The “return to normal” or perceived quality of life is critical to a person’s experience as well as to those who love them.  Anyone who has watched a loved one suffer while undergoing chemo treatments understands that wish to ease their pain.

Disease process and side effects of treatment both impact this perceived quality of life and deviation from “normal”.  People wish for: reduction in pain, digestive normality, reduction of sore or rashes, improvement in healing cuts and abrasions, improved congestion and decreased cold symptoms. Reduction in these symptoms does not necessarily prolong life, but they can improve it for the time that the person has left.  The ability to reduce these symptoms makes the disease process itself and the effects of treatment more bearable.  And that is life changing

The Method for Unlocking Bioactive Proteins and the BIO-20 that resulted from this method, appears to offer hope for reduction of inflammation and the many negative effects it is known to cause on the body.


Materials needed to produce the Method for Unlocking Bioactive Proteins:


  • Water
  • Whey protein concentrate
  • Plasma protein
  • Nalco – silica salt
  • A base – normal Potassium Hydroxide – Koh
  • An acid – normal Hydrochloride – Hcl
  • PH meter
  • Stirring devices
  • Centrifuge


A working prototype of BIO-20 created by the Method for Unlocking Bioactive Proteins can be made available to demonstrate the functionality of the product.


The Method for Unlocking Bioactive Proteins  is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,993,459



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