Drain Plug Housing and Drain Plug
Apparatus for Use with Oil Pans


This device is designed to make changing oil in “all” types of combustible engines/vehicles easier and faster than the current drain plug competitors.

The drain release action on the ReePlug design redirects the flow of hot oils and fluids away from the person’s hands performing this task, so they don’t get burned hands and arms like they do when changing oil with current competing products on the market.

The ReePlug will cut down on the time it takes to change hot oil fluids from drain pans. This will help service centers make greater profits and make their jobs easier and more interesting.


Special features

  • Compatible with all types of metals and ‘composition’ materials
  • Speeds up time for oil changes
  • Reduces risk of burning hands and arms
  • Can be performed with one hand




The ReePlug™ consists of the cylindrical plug itself and the permanently built-in housing which the plug is screwed in and out of, thereby averting the hot oil drainage away from dealing with the task of changing oil. It is designed to be constructed/integrated into/and as part of the oil pan when manufactured.

 Length:2 7/8” + 7/16”

Height: 7/8”

Weight: approx. 8 to 12 ounces (minus the weight of the existing drain plug.)

Materials needed to produce the ReePlug™:

  • Housing for ReePlug™
  • Cylindrical Plug with Associated Threads to Control Oil Flow
  • Gaskets for Cylindrical Plug
  • Hardware to attach for both OEM and Aftermarket Applications




The ReePlug™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 8,281,896



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