About BankonIP

BankOnIP ReviewsBankOnIP specializes in IP commercialization of new patents and technologies. BankOnIP reviews the work of individual inventors to see the best way to market their patents. Our team brings extensive experience in brokering Intellectual Property (IP), by extracting value and establishing tangible assets. From our humble beginnings, as independent inventors looking for the best way to commercialize our own patents, three decades later, our firm is recognized as the "Small Entity's best friend and partner!”. BankOnIP also serves as Product / Technology Scouts to hundreds of companies actively seeking new IP Opportunities from third party sourcing (primarily from individuals and small business owners like yourself).

When we say "extensive experience", we mean Extensive, by successfully navigating ALL of the challenges IP Owners can face. Visit our Services page for more details.


BankOnIP offers a wide range of services and resources through a ventured funded business model. Every path to successful commercialization has been different and is the reason we use a custom designed marketing plan for our Clients/Partners. We stress "Partners" because a majority of our business today is contingency based and matches our clients desired exit strategy. BankOnIP specializes as a "Small Entity" Broker/Agent.


BankOnIP maintains transparency with our client/partners at all times. We even offer our partners access to our proprietary business development software tools, via online login capabilities.

Management Team

Mark Petheram, President/Founder

Amy Schleicher, Vice President of Business Development

Bonnie Close, Director Client Relations

Madeline Blando,
Director of Research Development

Audrey Katzer,
Director Database Development

Jason Golliher,
Director of Administration