The Abinator™



The Abinator™ is a multi-tool that assists with tying down cargo on a flatbed trailer. Straps, chains, and edge protectors can be placed with ease over and around the cargo for a secure tie-down. It will hold spools of straps for placement in hard-to-reach areas, and assists with placement of edge protectors, so all straps get fastened and tightened, and stay secure during transport.


Special features

  • Telescoping handle for adjustable lengths
  • Variety of detents for different needs
  • Multiple spatula ends for grabbing straps, chains
  • Assists with placement of tie-downs and edge protectors
  • Use with straps, cables and chains
  • Hard-to-reach areas easily accessed
  • All types and sizes of cargo can be secured
  • Makes securing cargo quick and easy
  • For use with flatbed trailers
  • Convenient tool
  • Versatile tool
  • Can be carried on truck



The Abinator™ is a multi-tool that truck drivers can use for securing cargo on flatbed trailers. It is made with a telescoping handle that adjusts to the height required to reach the top of the cargo while securing cargo straps. It holds a strap roll, which can be stretched over the top and between sections of the load without climbing on the cargo.

Interchangeable spatula ends contain hooks that will grab a strap, a cable or a chain, depending which type of tiedown system the driver is using. A variety of detents enable the Abinator™ to be locked into position, or allow angled movements to access hard-to-reach areas within the load.

The Abinator™ can be stored on the back of the cab using clips or straps, and will be accessible for use when needed. All truck drivers would be able to find a use for this amazing new tool.


Materials needed to produce the Abinator™:

  • Telescoping handle
    • Adjustable lengths
  • Multiple Spatula heads
    • Different hooks attached
  • Threaded connectors
  • Assorted detents
  • Hooks


The Abinator™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,081,097














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