Wireless Portable Electronic Charger™




This technology is designed to bring energy to people wirelessly at the busiest places, such as airports, restaurants, hotels, stadiums, movie theaters, and resort areas. This technology will allow people access to energy to charge their electronic devices without having to wait in line, travel to different locations to look for outlets, or carry wires with them. An estimated 84 percent of Americans own a Smartphone, 78 percent own a laptop and 53 percent own a tablet according to a US Census publication released in April 2021.   With the addition of Smartwatchs, fitness trackers and wearable health care devices used by 1 in 5 Americans, our dependence on person electronic devices is only expected to grow.

So how do we power all of these devices? With more and more Americans on the move the ready availability of power to keep our devices going is a continuous challenge. At home or the office we can plug in or drop our device on a charging pad, but the need for proximity limits our ability to use the device while charging.  Current wireless charging is considered by many to be slow and limits the use of our device due to the need to be in contact with the source or within the currently available proximity standard of 4 centimeters.

Away from home our options become even more limited. Do we carry a portable battery, our charging cables, or do we look for a charging pad or outlet provided in our favorite restaurant or coffee shop, and hope we don’t have to wait in line to use it? With the rise in reports of malware being downloaded while using plug-in public charging stations, there is now the real concern for the safety of our devices.  In the age of Covid proximity at charging stations also becomes a concern.

The Wireless Portable Electronic Charger™ would eliminate the need to carry wires or batteries and allow us to use our devices while in a source location with only a receiver and an app to access the energy source.



Special features

  • Continuous charging while device is in use
  • Easier and more convenient charging of electronics without the need for a charging cable and electrical outlet
  • Proximity limited only to the location and not to the physical source of the power
  • The ability to move around while charging within the source location
  • Provides users with a wireless charging and Wi-Fi system designed to offer power and internet connections to users at home, while traveling, and more
  • Includes a software application that can connect wirelessly with several different devices to utilize the charging system or Wi-Fi
  • Prevents people from running out of battery power or lacking access to Wi-Fi at important social and outdoor events




In 1904 Nikola Tesla wrote that is was possible “to transmit power, in unlimited amounts, to any terrestrial distance and almost without loss.”  More than a century later we have charging pads with only very limited range.  In the last decade the introduction of Wi-Fi has opened the doors to not just internet broadcasting but energy broadcasting as well.

This invention will be used like Wi-Fi that every registered consumer may access by connecting to a participating providers sensor at their location within the stipulated wide range.  The service provider will be registered with A&M wireless energy and perhaps pay for the installation of the sensor and technology that will be built by a third-party company.  There may be yearly maintenance/service fees that will be required from the service provider to the technology servicing company.

The first stage is for the service providers to install the Wireless Portable Electronic Charger™ and have a sensor in their location.  Participating service providers will have the wireless sensor within their locations, such as business areas, restaurants, airports and stadiums.  Consumers would download the wireless energy app on their devices, and when registered consumers are within range where the wireless energy is available, they will be alerted by an icon on their device that will allow then to connect and charge their devices.  The wireless energy will have its own icon that will alert any participating consumer when they are within the service area.



The Wireless Portable Electronic Charger™ draws AC electrical energy from the national grid and wirelessly broadcasts the received AC electrical energy to one or more personal data devices. The Wireless Portable Electronic Charger™ comprises an energy broadcast circuit and one or more induction circuits.  The energy broadcast circuit broadcasts the received AC electrical energy as electromagnetic radiation to the one or more induction circuits. Each induction circuit receives the electromagnetic radiation, converts it to AC electrical energy and connects the received AC electrical energy to an AC/DC convertor for processing.  The convertor then processes the energy into DC electrical energy suitable for use by a personal data device associated with the selected induction circuit and then transmits the DC electrical energy to the battery of the personal data device.



Materials needed to produce the Wireless Portable Electronic Charger™:

  • Software designed for the app
  • Equipment to deploy the product
  • AC/DC converters
  • Frequency generators
  • Amplifiers
  • Induction circuits
  • Broadcast and receiving antenna




The Wireless Portable Electronic Charger™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 11,133,697




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