The Copper Shower Kit includes custom copper trim pieces and copper panels designed to be quickly and easily installed by both the DIYer and professional. The Kits are “Green” and are 100% recyclable, but can also be made with recycled copper.  Once installed, the kits can also be removed, reinstalled or relocated. They can be used for new construction or a remodel, and in some installations, can be used over existing enclosure products, minimizing demolition time and costs. It’s available in many shapes and sizes, from your standard tub and shower surround to custom shapes like the “Snail Model”   






Special features

  • New and unique look
  • Green product
  • Kit components can be recycled
  • Kit components can be made of recycled copper
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to remove
  • Reusable in multiple locations
  • Anti-microbial
  • Used in new construction
  • Used in remodeling projects
  • DIY-friendly
  • For shower, tub, or other locations
  • Can be placed over some existing enclosures
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Long lasting product




The Copper Shower Kit includes custom trim pieces and large panels assembled together to create an absolutely gorgeous enclosure around a bathtub or shower.  All of the pieces are made of copper (or other metal) to provide a look that is unlike any other. The installation is incredibly simple and the design of the trim parts allow for panels to be installed easily.

The DIY Copper Shower Kit will even work if your surface is slightly un-level, un-plumb, or a bit out of square. The kits can be customized to fit a customer’s exact needs, and easy to follow instructions are included. The project can be completed in a short time (hours instead of days) and can be removed for repairs, cleaning or relocation.

The panels may be pre-patinated, finished with patterns, or left plain. The natural colors of the metal panels (especially copper) provide a beautiful selection of colors and patterns for all projects, indoors and outdoors.

Copper Shower Kits are currently available for sale at www.thecoppershowercompany. Check the website for more information, videos, and product availability.

Materials needed to produce the Copper Shower Kit:

  • Copper panels
    • Various sizes
    • Grooved
  • J channels
  • Trim pieces
  • Corner pieces








The Copper Shower Kit is covered by United States Utility Patent 10,736,469 and United States Design Patent D847,311



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