The Push-it-Up™ is a weighted piece of equipment that is worn on the back while doing push-ups. The frame is formed to be able to fit over the shoulders of the user, and contains a neck support for comfort.

Removable weights can be used with the Push-it-Up™ to enhance the workout, build more muscle, and improve the body’s core. A back pad is added for comfort, and is contoured to keep in place while exercising. This is a great accessory for personal workouts, weight training, and strength-building exercises.




Special features

  • Simple to use
  • Convenient handle positions
  • Back cushion for comfort
  • Non-constricting
  • Enhances workout
  • Platform for attaching weights
  • Weights lock into place
  • Adjustable weight load
  • Use for full body workout
  • Builds core strength
  • Can be used for push-ups and other exercises
  • Comfortable to wear




The Push-it-Up™ is an exercise device to be worn on the user’s back while doing push-ups. Weights can be added in desired amounts, and held in place while the user is exercising. The added weight increases core strength and builds muscle, and is an easy way to intensify the benefits of simple push-ups.

A flat platform is equipped with a securing post and locking device for adding weights and to hold them in place while the user is doing push-ups. The frame handles can also be configured to hold the device over a user’s shoulders, so other exercises, such as squats, can be performed. A foam cushion is attached to the back of the device for the wearer’s comfort.

The Push-it-Up™ is an easy, safe and convenient way to enjoy a simple workout, add an additional piece of workout equipment to any home gym, and increase a user’s core strength by using weights.

Materials needed to produce the Push-it-Up™:

  • Metal Tubes
    • Handle Grips
  • Foam cushion
  • Weight platform
    • Attaching device
    • Locking device
  • Weights



The Push-it-Up™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,610,730




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