The Crack-A-Crab™ is a tool for cracking crab legs that has 2 openings, one small and one larger, to use for different-sized crab legs. The nose is elongated for reaching deep int the shell, and a cutting blade is incorporated on one side of the plier to cut crab shells open.

The Crack-A-Crab™ is a useful tool to make eating crab legs easier, and not so much time is spent trying to retrieve the meat undamaged. The device opens wider than current crab tools, accommodates multiple sizes of crab legs (King Crabs) and allows more time for eating rather that working to get the meat out.




Special features

  • Tool for cracking multiple-sized crab legs
  • Retrieves meat undamaged from all sections
  • Cutting blade for slicing open shells
  • Longer nose reaches deep into crab leg sections
  • Opens wider than current crab tools
  • Quickly retrieves meat from all leg sections
  • Handles comfortable for all ages
  • Can be adapted for use on other crustaceans



The Crack-A-Crab™ tool features a knife to slice into the crustacean shell without damaging the meat. The pointed end of the cutting blade can be used to extract meat from hard-to-reach areas, such as the thinner leg portions. Multiple size recesses with teeth allow the Crack-A-Crab™ tool to be utilized effectively on crab leg shells of different sizes and thicknesses.

The Crack-A-Crab™ is designed with sturdy grip handles and can be made from brushed aluminum, stainless steel or molded plastic. The device allows a user of any age to easily and quickly remove all the meat, undamaged, from crab legs. It can also be modified to be used for lobsters and other crustaceans.



Materials needed to produce the Crack-A-Crab™:

  • Brushed aluminum, hard plastic, or steel
    • Molded
    • Drilled
  • Connecting hardware
  • Handle grips


The Crack-A-Crab™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,949,496














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