Sticky Fly Bowl™




The Sticky Fly Bowl™ is a raised pet feeder with space underneath. The space may contain a UV light, an enticing scent to attract flies and other insects, and sticky fly paper to keep them contained.

The container is elevated and your pet’s food and water dishes are kept free of insects. An optional accessory are fans that blow across the dishes to deter insects from landing there. This provides a safe and healthy option when leaving food and water out for pets.





  • No food and water contamination
  • Insects are lured to traps underneath the bowls
  • No chemical sprays needed
  • No unsightly fly strips needed
  • UV lights illuminate bottom of feeder tray
  • Pheromone scents attract insects
  • Replaceable fly paper sheet trap
  • Optional fan blows across dishes to keep insects from landing on food
  • Non-toxic fly paper
  • Reduces spread of disease
  • Attractive UV lights enhance feeder appearance





The Sticky Fly Bowl™ is an elevated food dish tray designed to keep food dishes free from insects. The raised platform provides space underneath for a tray to hold non-toxic fly paper, pheromone scents, and UV lights. The insects are attracted to the space underneath the bowls, get caught in the fly paper, and do not bother the food.

The UV lights are powered by an electrical cord, are attached in the space under the bowls, and attract insects of all types, either flying or crawling. This prevents them from contaminating the pet food. One or more fans may be attached to the top of the tray, blowing air over the food and water dishes. This deters insects from landing on the food, keeping it clean and

Since pet food dishes in the house attract insects, this is one way to keep the bugs from annoying the pets and the owners. No chemicals need to be used, and those ugly fly strips can disappear. Diseases spread by flies (parvo) are eliminated, and the pet food stays clean and healthy.


Materials needed to produce the Sticky Fly Bowl™:

  • Sturdy, raised platform
    • Cutouts for dishes
    • Hollow inside
  • Pet bowls
  • UV lights
  • Power cord
  • Fans (optional)
  • Slide-out tray
  • Pheromone scent spray
  • Fly Paper Sheets



The Sticky Fly Bowl™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,992,972




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