Auto-Lift Tailgate™



The Auto-Lift Tailgate™ is a new type of tailgate for pickup trucks. It is an automated tailgate that slides up inside the bed to access the load without reaching over the sides or climbing up into the bed.

When finished, the tailgate is moved back to the closed position for normal operation. This tailgate eliminates the difficulties that an open tailgate present, such as reaching over the tailgate to reach and unload items, having to open the garage door to open the tailgate, or even forgetting to close the tailgate before driving off.



Special features

  • Opens and closes with a touch of a button
  • Opens in a closed garage for loading and unloading
  • Great for use in small parking areas
  • Lifting apparatus inside truck bed
  • No reaching over sides to access bed
  • Great option for users who have difficulty reaching inside the truck bed
  • Keeps clothing clean by not leaning against side of truck
  • Aesthetically pleasing truck tailgate
  • Compatible with truck bed covers
  • Solid material-no hinges, latches or splits
  • Provides access to truck bed while hooked to trailer, boat or camper
  • Slides up out of the way when open
  • Looks and works like a normal tailgate when closed
  • Great new truck accessory
  • Great for owners with disabilities
  • Convenient and easy to use



The Auto-Lift Tailgate™ is a new truck accessory that lifts the tailgate up and slides it into the truck bed for easy access from the rear of the bed. The one-piece tailgate slides up on a motorized chain and sprocket assembly that is located within the truck bed walls. No leaning over a tailgate, leaning over the sides, or climbing into the truck bed is required for loading and unloading cargo.

When open, the tailgate is located within the bed. No manual labor is required for lifting the tailgate to access the truck bed. The cargo is easy to reach from the opening at the back of the truck bed, especially for owners who do not have an exceptionally long reach. Truck owners who are disabled will also enjoy having a tailgate that does not need to be lowered and remains in the way while trying to load or unload cargo.

The Auto-Lift Tailgate™ is the “next big thing” in automotive innovation. It will be offered as a tailgate option to be ordered at the time of new truck purchases, and all truck owners will appreciate the convenience and efficiency of this new tailgate technology.



Materials needed to produce the Auto-Lift Tailgate™:

  • Tailgate
    • One solid piece
  • Lifting assembly
    • Motor
    • Chain
    • Sprockets
  • Attaching hardware
  • Pins

The Auto-Lift Tailgate™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,239,565














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