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As infection becomes increasingly concerning for patients undergoing procedures at a hospital or surgery center, investment in sterile protocols and infection prevention has become the #1 priority. The average cost of a surgical site infection (SSI) can be up to $37,000 and can increase to well over $120,000 when involving implants or antimicrobial resistant organisms. Accidental contact of the large non-sterile operating room surgical light surfaces can lead to sterile field contamination because they are positioned directly above the surgical site. During a surgical procedure, blood, tissue, bone, cement or other fluids can hit the non-sterile overhead light surface and then fall back onto the sterile field or into the open wound. This compromises the sterile field and can increase the likelihood of wound  

infection. The Lyte Guardian™ provides an  assured sterile field from any potential debris that  may contact the surgical light during a procedure. 

Current Concerns for Surgical Site Infections 

  • Particulate debris or dust falling onto the sterile field when the surgical light is moved or manipulated 
  • Intra-operative contamination when debris such as blood hitting the non-sterile surgical light and falling back onto the sterile field 
  • Cross-contamination from the surgical lights not being fully cleaned between patients 


The Lyte Guardian™ is a one-time use operative shield that was developed with patient safety in mind. This product tackles the concern over sterile field contamination, which is important to all members of the operating room. Surgeons and hospitals have a greater responsibility as they can be held liable for errors made in patient safety that could lead to poor or fatal outcomes. A simple step to cover the surgical light above can prevent contamination and help be a vital part of the ultimate goal of reducing healthcare acquired infections (HAI) and improving patient outcomes. Lyte Guardian™  helps drastically reduce sterile field contamination through intra-operative protection from debris such as blood, cross-contamination by preventing previous patient’s debris from not being cleaned from the surgical light between surgeries, and eliminating the falling of dust or air particles from the surgical light surface. This one-time use, sterile operating room light shield is a quick, easy to use, affordable way to help ensure that patient safety and infection prevention efforts are the top priority at healthcare facilities. 



Special Features

  • Quick, effective, sterile protective barrier between the sterile field and the operation room surgical lights
  • Helps protect the sterile field from particulate debris such as dust on the surgical light’s surface falling onto the sterile field
  • Reduces intra-operative contamination by providing a sterile barrier for the surgical light in case debris such as blood hits the surgical light and falls back down onto the sterile field below
  • Reduces potential cross-contamination from a lack of cleaning the surgical light between patients
  • Made from sterile single-use medical grade polycarbonate
  • Increases likelihood of quality surgical outcomes
  • Transparent and durable material that doesn’t interfere with the quality of lighting
  • Sturdy and secure when adhered to operation room surgical lights
  • Simple process to mount product to surgical lights
  • Quick and easy to cleanup process
  • Versatile dimensions with multiple shield and light handle adapter options
  • Packaged in sets of two for convenience
  • Product contained in sterile packaging
  • Affordable solution for hospitals and surgery centers to use and manufacturers to produce
  • Simple manufacturing process




The Lyte Guardian™ is an infection mitigation device providing a temporary, disposable sterile barrier between a sterile field and the non-sterile, light-emitting region of surgical light heads. A surgical team member can easily apply and remove the protective barrier when needed. The device minimizes the opportunity for biohazardous materials such as blood, tissue, bone, or cement from encountering the non-sterile surgical light surface and proceeding to fall back onto the sterile field. The center region of the barrier can be adapted to receive and/or cover one or more types of centrally located surgical light head adjustment handles. The device can be manufactured with a unitary or composite construction. Depending on the specific composition of the barrier and application, a supportive carrier device may provide additional geometric stability for the barrier while it is maneuvered into its operational location on the light head. The device can be configured for compatibility with most surgical light heads and non-OEM retrofit disposable handle systems. A demonstration video on how to apply the Lyte Guardian™ to a surgical light can be found via this link:

The Lyte Guardian™ was started by former orthopedic vendors who saw the need for improved sterile technique during surgery. Their goal is to provide sterile surgical solutions to help improve operating room efficiency, patient safety, and ultimately infection reduction. The Lyte Guardian™ is designed specifically for use in environments requiring a sterile field such as: operating rooms, emergency rooms, and outpatient surgical facilities. This product helps drastically reduce sterile field contamination through intra-op protection, cross contamination reduction, and dust/air particle reduction. This one-time use, sterile operating room light shield made from medical grade polycarbonate is a quick, easy to use, affordable way to help ensure that patient safety and infection prevention efforts are the top priority at healthcare facilities. The medical grade polycarbonate ensures the best sterilization stability, visual clarity, and ease of use for the product.

This product covers the non-sterile portion of the operating room surgical light heads that sit directly above the patient’s surgical site. The transparent and durable product material ensures that the product does not interfere with the lighting to help with having a safe operating procedure. This sterile barrier protects against accidental contact from intra-op debris of fluid, bone, cement, and soft tissue that would otherwise contaminate the sterile field and increase the risk for infection. This protective shield also helps eliminate cross-contamination concerns from patient to patient when following surgeries performed in the same operating room. Lyte Guardian™ also helps to reduce dust and air particle bacteria falling from the surgical light manipulation taking place during surgery.

The Lyte Guardian™ comes in multiple different dimensions for the shield and the light handle adapter to accommodate for many sizes of surgical lights. It is a quick and simple process for the medical professional to adhere and remove the product from the surgical light head making it easy for all operating room staff to adopt. Once adhered to the surgical light head, the device stays steady and secure to ensure that it does not accidentally fall on the patient or the medical staff causing further contamination. The product is packaged in sets of two for convenience. The sterile packaging of the product ensures the safety of the medical professionals and patient. Whether preventing blood and fluids from splattering on the lights or preventing non-sterile items from falling onto a sterile field, Lyte Guardian™ provides a quick, easy to use, and cost-effective solution to a big problem.


Materials needed to produce the Lyte Guardian™:

  • Male vacuum molds
  • Lexan 8040 polycarbonate rolls .015” thick
  • Re-sealable poly bag
  • Tear resistant Tyvek pouch
  • Tools to cut polycarbonate
  • Tool to seal the bag and pouch
  • Label stickers
  • Cardboard cut protect sheet
  • Cardboard boxes


A working product of the Lyte Guardian™ can be made available to demonstrate the design and functionality of the product. Currently there are 24” and 30” male vacuum form molds available to use to make the product.






The Lyte Guardian™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,987,188




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