The STHEALTH CREEPER was designed by Bill Bolton, who has been a deck designer and builder for 15 years. Building a deck requires construction workers to be on their knees and bent over for hours at a time. Over time, this causes deterioration to the knees and back, which causes varying degrees of pain. There is a need for a creeper that allows construction workers to sit while they work in order to protect their knees and backs.

The STHEALTH CREEPER is the first creeper on the market that includes a built-in drill guide for pre-drilling properly spaced, perpendicular chamfered pilot holes. Workers are able to rest on the seat, instead of on their knees or bending over at the waist, while they pre-drill the pilot holes and insert fasteners. The STHEALTH CREEPER has conveniently located pouches on the seat to store tools, fasteners, or parts in, and the platform below the seat allows for more tool storage.


While this product was initially designed for decking, it can be used for different construction projects. Examples include solid wood plank flooring and installing drains and vents on flat roofing structures.





Special features

  • MOST IMPORTANT: Helps protect knees and backs during construction of decks, flooring, and more
  • Only creeper with built-in drill guide for pre-drilling perfectly perpendicular chamfered pilot holes
  • Only creeper that contains storage pouches for easy and quick access to fasteners
  • Comfortable seat allows for pre-drilling and fastening decks or flooring from seated position
  • Triangular shape perimeter with 3 contact points to surface prevents any wobble during drilling
  • Very efficient maneuverability by use of the feet while in the seated position




The STHEALTH CREEPER frame can be built with aluminum or lightweight steel square tubing or round tubing. It incorporates three 3” dual caster wheels 1 ½” wide made with a low durometer thermoplastic rubber to prevent marring of the work surface. The 1 ½” width of the caster wheel is more efficient when passing over the spaces between the decking members and not getting stuck.

A cordless hand drill quickly and easily connects to the arbor attached to the drill chuck.


The frame is mounted to a polymeric platform. This platform gives the creeper stability and holds a padded seat. The space below the seat allows for extra tool storage.


To keep the cost of shipping down, it is recommended to keep this product below 25 pounds. The current prototype made from wood weighs in at 25 pounds and that is with the drill guide mounted to the frame. Lightweight materials would be best for the STHEALTH CREEPER and that would bring the total weight down to a 15-to-20-pound range.


Materials needed to produce the STHEALTH CREEPER:

  • Portable Drill Guide
  • 3 Dual Caster Wheels w/ Thermoplastic Rubber
  • Framework materials (Aluminum or steel)
  • Polymeric materials for dividers and platforms
  • Padded seat
  • Accessories
  • Tool Pouches



The STHEALTH CREEPER  is covered by United States Utility Patent: 11,364,619






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