ALCIS/DCIS™ (Airplane Landing Clearance Indicator System/Departure Clearance Indicator System)




The ALCIS/DCIS™ is a cockpit device that, when lit, indicates clearance has been verified for airplane landings and departures. It is a small, illuminating push-button that attaches to a surface where it is easily seen by the pilot, and creates a visual clearance confirmation while the pilot is going through the landing or departure checklist.

When the clearance is given, the button is pushed, and the light indicates that clearance has been confirmed: a second request is not required. This is an extra safety device that creates less confusion for the pilots and controllers by eliminating additional transmissions to re-check clearance status.



Special features

  • Clearance verifier for landing and departing
  • Verifies clearance status quickly
  • Activation included in preparation checklist
  • Small, battery operated device attached to cockpit
  • Easily seen by pilot
  • Easily reached by pilot
  • Illuminated by push button
  • Illuminated when clearance is verified
  • No need for double-checking clearance status
  • Eliminates extra transmissions from pilot and controllers
  • Extra safety precaution



The ALCIS/DCIS™ is a cockpit instrument that can confirm landing or departure at a glance. The large push button, when pushed, illuminates, and confirms that the pilot has checked for clearance. This step is important because it is omitted from the preparation checklist, causing the pilot to confirm clearance multiple times. By having this small, flat device available in the cockpit, it saves the pilot time when getting ready to take off or land.

The ALCIS/DCIS™ is made from durable plastic, adheres to a flat surface, and is easily visible to the pilot. The battery-operated light is illuminated by pushing the button at the first confirmation of clearance, and the pilot does not have to recheck multiple times. After landing/departing a runway, the light is depressed again to reset for future use.

The ALCIS/DCIS™ device is self-contained within the cockpit to provide instantaneous feedback as to the authorization of the plane for landing on a runway. Upon approval from the ICAO, FAA, IOPA and other agencies, will be available for integration into all licensed aircraft in the U.S. as well as around the world. All pilots will appreciate the simplicity, convenience, and added safety measure provided by the ALCIS/DCIS™.



Materials needed to produce the ALCIS/DCIS™:

  • Sturdy plastic case
    • Molded
  • Hook and loop fastener
  • Large push button
    • Springs
  • Battery
  • Electronic light assembly





The ALCIS/DCIS™ is covered by United States Utility Patent:  9,598,180




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