System for Local DC Power Distribution



The System for Local DC Power Distribution, a newly patented technology, which makes DC power ready in the existing AC socket, is available for licensing. The System for Local DC Power Distribution brings convenience for the electronic devices.

The consumer electronic devices, such as cellular phones or tablets, have limited battery capacity for long lasting use. A power adapter, which converts AC power into DC, is an indispensable auxiliary device to charge the battery in electronic devices.

The power adapters for charging the electronic devices are mostly cumbersome, awkward to carry, and frequently incompatible from product to product, and likely also incompatible from company to company. Users or consumers often require to carry multiple power adapters, one for each electronic device for all electronic products they are using, especially on-the-go. It is extremely inconvenient. A technology that could make DC power easily available in a local environment, such as at home or office, so that people can have easy access to the DC power without the need of any power adapter is valuable.

Most electronic products come with their own power adapters. As new generation electronic product is debuted, the old adapters are often discarded because of incompatibility or because of redundant. This creates a huge amount of e-wastes to deteriorate our green environments.

The patented technology specified in the System for Local DC Power Distribution integrates an AC-to-DC converter in a circuit breaker, namely a “conversion circuit breaker”. Then, an AC circuit breaker in the power panel is replaced by the conversion circuit breaker, and at the output of the conversion circuit breaker a special connection technique is applied to wire the circuit breaker output to an existing power distribution interconnect so that DC power is delivered to all existing AC sockets along the power interconnect. One advantage of applying this technology is that users will no longer need to carry multiple power adapters for use by their electronic products, except a single, neat power charging cable. There is no need to replace the existing AC sockets at home or office to enjoy the availability and convenience of DC power.

The AC-to-DC conversion device in the converted circuit breaker takes the common 120V or 240V AC power as input, and converts it into DC voltages at its output. The technology leverages the existing AC power distribution infrastructure for the DC power distribution. It enables the co-existence of AC and DC powers at home or office for people to choose the one they need based on the applications requirements.

In case, AC power is required at an existing AC socket again, the AC power could be easily brought back to the socket by replacing the conversion circuit breaker with the original AC circuit breaker.



Special features

  • Minimizes power conversion energy waste due to sub-quality power adapters
  • No change in existing AC outlets
  • Enables outlets to provide low-voltage DC power to meet application requirements
  • Convenient to charge electronic devices at home or office
  • Charges DC electronic devices using the existing AC power outlets
  • Obsolete power adapters for use by the electronic devices
  • No need to for consumers to carry power adapters
  • Save useful resources from manufacturing and lower total owner cost of electronic products
  • Eliminates huge e-waste to save our green environment



The  System for Local DC Power Distribution is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,122,181





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