Tech Belt Plus™



The Tech Belt Plus™ is a wearable belt with a cell phone holder as the buckle. The belt contains input and output ports for charging, connecting ear buds, and other functions. The belt also has hidden pockets for and ID, credit card, and ear bud storage.

The Tech Belt Plus™ buckle (cell phone holder) can also be removed and attached to a purse strap, a backpack, and other straps on accessories that are used to carry items. This is a versatile new way to carry a cell phone that can be used by anyone.



Special features

  • Adjustable wearable belt
  • Buckle doubles as a cell phone holder
  • Holds cell phone or small electronic device
  • Input and output ports in belt
  • Pockets for ID, credit card, cash
  • Ear bud storage pocket
  • Anyone can use this product
  • Variety of styles and colors
  • Adaptable for use on purse, belly bag, and backpack straps
  • Convenient and versatile product




The Tech Belt Plus™ is a wearable belt that connects to a cell phone holder. The housing is attached to the belt and is incorporated as a buckle. The housing contains electronic components that perform such functions as sounding a signal when the phone is forgotten and is a specified distance away, a charging terminal, input and output ports, and others. The holder is electronically connected to the belt when in place.

An adaptable version may be available for use on other items of clothing or bags that contain straps. This could be a purse, a briefcase, a backpack and other items. This is a versatile product that people will find multiple uses for.

Materials needed to produce the Tech Belt Plus™:

  • Leather belt
    • Input and output ports
    • Storage Pockets
  • Housing
    • Electronic components
    • Alarm system
    • Microprocessor
  • Sensors
  • Charging station


The Tech Belt Plus™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,505,575

















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