BckSavr Wildlife Transport™





Lifting heavy game onto the top of an ATV rack is a very difficult task especially when hunting alone. The dangers of serious physical problems are high (back strain, muscle strain, possibly more severe issues, etc.).

The BckSavr Wildlife Transport™ can be used for hunting, fishing, camping, farm and ranch activities/everyday work, and transporting gear/tools/equipment.




Special features

  • Low To the Ground, making it easier to load which lessens the chance of back sprain
  • Same Width as ATV
  • Sturdy Frame
  • Heavy Duty Tires
  • Folding Tongue for Easy Storage
  • Capable of towing 2000 lbs.
  • Reversible Fenders
  • Built In Brush Avoidance




The BckSavr Wildlife Transport™ is the only product on the market that allows for low-to-the-ground, manual hand, or electric winch loading of the harvested game in the field onto a platform with minimal physical effort.

Sturdy frame, heavy-duty tires (10 ply), folding tongue for easy storage, tandem frame option for added capacity, 2000 lb. axle (possible capacity of 4000 lb cargo loads). The ATV width of transport is not wider than the ATV/UTV width, implying that if your ATV/UTV can “get there,” the BckSavr Wildlife Transport will not obstruct your path. Built-in brush avoidance aids in this effort.

Reversible fenders allow for everyday use during the warm months, then reverse them for use as a snow sled during the fall/winter season—standard for smaller transports, optional for larger transports.

Materials needed to produce the BckSavr Wildlife Transport™:

  • Coupler 3.5K for 2″ tongue, zinc
  • 3k ATV electric winch, 1.2 hp, steel cable
  • Hand winch with strap
  • 10 ply tires
  • Main steel frame with steel treadplate platform top.
  • 2K axle








The BckSavr Wildlife Transport™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,611,200


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