The TUG-A-MEAL is a small, portable dolly that holds a medical device, such as a feeding pump. It attaches to the patient’s leg, and the dolly, with the attached device, can move with the patient.

The feeding pump (or another medical device) is securely strapped to the dolly, which attaches to the user’s leg, using a harness system. This increases mobility and the user can continue treatment without having to be stationary.



Special features

  • Increases mobility for patients with a feeding tube/pump
  • Can be used for other types of medical equipment
  • Safely makes infusion pumps and similar devices portable
  • Used by children and adults
  • Great for at-home care
  • Great for all ambulatory patients
  • Improves quality of life for chronically ill people
  • Allows user’s participation in play or light exercise
  • Encourages natural learning and growth of children





The TUG-A-MEAL is a medical device that will allow children and adults with feeding tubes to be mobile. The dolly system attaches to a user’s leg with a harness, so the function of the infusion pump is not interrupted during activity.

The dolly rolls easily on wheels, holds the pump or infusion device securely, and allows the user to move around freely while receiving a treatment or feeding. Hook-and-loop straps secure the medical device to the dolly while the patient is moving, so normal activity is not interrupted.

Materials needed to produce the TUG-A-MEAL™:

  • Round platform
    • Flat top surface
  • Wheels (6)
  • Adjustable fasteners
    • Hook-and-loop
  • Tether



TheTUG-A-MEAL is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,322,055




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