Catch 22 Bowl™



The Catch 22 Bowl™ is a food drainage bowl that sits on a base to catch the liquid. The liquid can be reused (excess salad dressing) or discarded. Warm foods may be steamed in the bowl by placing liquid in the tray and heating in the microwave. A lid may be included for this purpose.

The Catch 22 Bowl™ is a versatile product that has multiple uses. It will strain foods, such as salads and pastas, it can steam food for serving warm (rice, vegetables) or it can be used for growing or watering plants (herb gardens).



Special features

  • Bowl includes drain holes in the bottom
  • Bowl sits on a base
  • Bowl and base may be used on a counter or table
  • Can be used as a serving bowl
  • Bowl will hold a variety of foods
  • Strains foods before serving
  • Base catches liquid for reuse, if desired
  • Can be placed in microwave for heating
  • Liquid in base can be used for steaming
  • Base has removeable drawer for easy cleaning
  • Non-messy draining system
  • Can be produced in various sizes and colors
  • Versatile container
  • Low cost to manufacture




The Catch 22 Bowl™ is a bowl, strainer, and serving dish all in one product. The bowl has drain holes drilled into the bottom, to release excess liquids from foods. All types of foods may be placed in the bowl. The drained liquid can be reused (chicken broth, salad dressing) or can be discarded.

The base contains a removable drawer that will catch the liquid. This prevents messy spills from straining foods such as pasta, salads, canned fruit and boiled items. The bowl can remain on the base while serving, continuing to drain as the food is eaten. When finished, the liquid in the drawer can be discarded.

The base and bowl may be used as a steamer by adding water to the drawer, adding rice or vegetables to the bowl, and heating in the microwave. This works best with a lid or covering over the bowl. Reheating leftovers using this method is

The Catch 22 Bowl™ is a very versatile. One other option for use is for planting an herb garden. The drain holes in the bottom of the bowl will drain the excess water, which can be saved and used for watering again.also very successful.

Any homemaker, cook or chef will find a multitude of uses for this incredible bowl. The Catch 22 Bowl™ will become the new favorite kitchen tool in every household.


Materials needed to produce the Catch 22 Bowl™:

  • Plastic
    • Drilled
    • Bowl form
    • Other shape form
  • Base
  • Catch drawer
  • Attaching method
  • Lid



The Catch 22 Bowl™  is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,028,622














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