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Many households have been blessed with the use of indoor plumbing over the years. With all these drain pipes in households comes the common issue of clogged drains that occur every so often for newer, well taken care of pipes to frequent occurrences for older, poorly taken care of pipes. When it comes to unclogging drains, many people have their go-to tool as a plunger to take care of the clogged pipe. This common plumber tool creates a seal around drains to release and unstop drain pipes. The Plunge Pro™ seeks to challenge the plunging industry standard by its unique design.

In recent years, many drain openings are being designed with an ovular shape compared to the traditional circular shape. These ovular shapes make it difficult to have traditionally circular  shaped plungers appropriately fit over the drain to create an effective seal for maximum suction. The Plunge Pro™ conquers this hurdle with its unique ovular shape design that is optimal for pairing with the new ovular drain openings showing up in households everywhere. This creates an effective seal which is very important when it comes to having the pressure exchange created by the plunger when unclogging drains. It also has an accordion shape to the rubber suction piece to allow for compatibility with drains of many sizes.




Special features

  • Unique ovular shape to fit new ovular shaped drains
  • Creates an effective seal on drains for maximum suction
  • Accordion shape for compatibility with drains of many sizes
  • Easy to operate
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Cost efficient design
  • High quality, durable materials
  • Simple manufacturing process





The Plunge Pro™ is the perfect addition to any household, especially those with the new ovular shaped drain openings. The Plunge Pro™ is a plunger that includes a traditional handle with a suction apparatus at the end of it. The suction apparatus is an accordion shape with an oval lip opening and a tear drop perimeter sections separated by webbing. The graduated accordion size section of the suction apparatus graduates from the bottom to the top edge of the plunger with the bottom having the smallest perimeter and the top having the largest perimeter.


This plunger is operated in the same way other plungers are where the user places the opening of the suction apparatus up against the drain to fully encompass it to create a seal. Once the seal is created, the user employs an up and down motion holding onto the handle to move expand and compress the suction apparatus creating a suction force to create movement of whatever is currently clogging or obstructing the drain pipe. Once it seems like the pipe is cleared, users simply pull the plunger with an angle to the side to remove it from the drain.

The key feature of the Plunge Pro™ is the ovular shape of the suction apparatus. Over the years, most drain openings were in a circular form, but this has evolved to a more ovular shape as companies continue to adjust their drain opening designs. This makes it very difficult for the traditional circular shaped plungers to create an effective seal to unclog drains because they either don’t fit the new opening properly or don’t provide the optimal shape for the job. As seen in the picture to the left of the two toilets, the rounded toilet has a rounded bowl and drain opening compared to the elongated toilet that has a more ovular bowl and drain opening. Since most plungers are still in circular form, there is a need for a plunger such as the Plunge Pro™ to allow users to unclog their ovular drains with ease whether it be a toilet, sink, or any other drain. This reduces the likelihood of an expensive plumber visit if the user was unable to clear the drain on their own due to a lack of a sufficient seal of the rounded suction apparatus.

Another great feature of the Plunge Pro™ is the accordion shape which helps this plunger fit drains of many sizes. For example, the ovular plunger would fit well with the elongated toilet since it has an ovular shaped bowl to get the opening of the plunger as close to the drain opening as possible. The accordion shape also provides increased suction when operating the plunger by moving it up and down to unclog drains compared to just one ring due to the increased volume of space for the suction force to move inside of. The Plunge Pro™ really brings these unique design features together to create an incredibly useful product for a comparable price with ease of use compared to other plungers currently on the market.



Materials needed to produce the Plunge Pro:

  • Rubber suction apparatus in ovular, accordion shape
  • Wood or plastic rod for handle
  • Adhesive to attach suction cup to handle





The Plunge Pro™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 11,001,997




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