Integrally-Cast Block Head



The Integrally-Cast Block Head is an internal combustion piston engine with several parts made together as one unit – cylinder head, cylinder block and crankcase. This engine also has a uniquely configured solenoid cover.

The Integrally-Cast Block Head engine provides advantages of improved mechanical stiffness, as well as improving the sealing between the parts. This engine reduces fuel usage, improves horsepower, and increases reliability.



Special features

  • Monoblock construction of moving parts
  • Attachable solenoid cover
  • Less maintenance
  • Reduces fuel usage
  • More horsepower
  • Best for large diesel engines
  • Lower cost to manufacture




The Integrally-Cast Block Head is an engine assembly that includes a mono-cast, piston-enclosing chamber structure and a solenoid valve pack. Blow-casting a chamber around the gas intake/exhaust ports, valve apertures and a cylinder chamber eliminates the need for a cylinder head. The solenoid pack atop each cylinder chamber eliminates the need for a camshaft, timing gears, push rods and valve trays. Tappets are situated on top of each valve, and are electronically controlled by the solenoid.

Maximum efficiency is achieved from the individual solenoid packs, and they can be controlled by computer programs that are already running elsewhere within the engine assembly. By using this technology, engine weight is eliminated and valve time can be customized. An O-ring and fuel injector eliminate unnecessary threading of holes and potential failure points.


Materials needed to produce the Integrally-Cast Block Head:

  • Mono-cast structure
    • Piston receiving area
    • Gas intake port
    • Intake valve port
    • Gas exhaust port
    • Exhaust valve port
  • Solenoid pack
    • Gas valve assemblies
  • Pistons



The Integrally-Cast Block Head is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,512,750 















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