The Automatic Fish Holder™ is an innovative fishing accessory that enhances your fishing experience. It addresses the common challenges faced by anglers who spend hours waiting for a fish to bite while manually holding their fishing pole. By incorporating advanced technology and smart mechanisms, this device offers automatic hooking, line tensioning, and convenient pole retention, revolutionizing how you fish.

One of the key features of the Automatic Fish Holder™ is its ability to retain a fishing pole in place using an interchangeable spring with adjustable tension. This means you no longer must physically hold the pole, allowing you to relax or attend to other tasks while waiting for a fish to strike. This convenience makes the device highly desirable for anglers who value comfort and convenience during fishing trips.







Special features

  • Automatic hooking
  • Line tensioning
  • Retains fishing pole in a convenient position
  • Holds the fish on the line after reeling in


The Automatic Fish Holder™ works using springs and tensioners that connect to a hollow tube where a fishing pole is inserted. The fishing line is tensed through the tensioner.

A subassembly is triggered once a fish is detected on the bait, causing the fishing pole to articulate upwards and hook the fish. This automatic hooking feature saves you precious time and ensures a higher likelihood of successfully catching the fish. The motion-sensitive line retention bar plays a crucial role in this process by generating counter-tension on the tension load on the tube support bar. When the fish takes the bait and creates tension on the line, releasing this tension disengages a trigger lever, causing the pole holder to snap up and hook the fish. 

Furthermore, the Automatic Fish Holder™ helps maintain consistent tension on the line throughout the fishing process. By effectively tensioning the line, you can feel even the slightest movements or bites from fish. This feature significantly increases your chances of detecting when a fish is on the line. It allows you to react swiftly, improving your overall fishing success rate.

 Even after hooking the fish, the device continues to serve a useful purpose. It securely holds the fish on the line, preventing it from escaping while you manually reel it in. This feature is particularly valuable when dealing with larger or stronger fish that may put up a fight, ensuring you maintain control and successfully land your catch.

Materials needed to produce the Automatic Fish Holder™:

  • Metal Housing

  • Variable Spring Triggers
  • Pole Holder Housing
  • Mounting Brackets and Hardware

  • Assembly Parts





The Automatic Fish Holder™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 11,178,862



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