VProTech® Max



The VProTech® Max is a complete car cover that protects a vehicle from flood water. It covers the bottom portion of the vehicle, to keep the rising water from getting inside the car and causing irreparable damage.
The cover installs in minutes and is easy for one person to operate. Simply place the folded cover under the car, drive the car back a few inches, unfold the front flap, and move the car forward to unfold the rear flap. Another option is to unfold the cover completely, and drive the car onto the marked lines. With the car completely placed on the cover, the sides and top flap pulled up, and can be sealed, if desired. An attachment for hail protection can be included as part of the cover or ordered separately.



Special features

  • Covers vehicle from the ground up—protects against rising water
  • Can cover the entire vehicle, including wheels
  • Protects the inside of a vehicle from water damage
  • Easily stored in the vehicle
  • Can be deployed by one individual
  • Cover installed in minutes
  • Lightweight
  • Reusable
  • Cover is vacuum sealed in plastic bag for small space storage when not in use
  • Small area required in front and behind vehicle for installation
  • Reduces or eliminates costly repairs resulting from hail or water damage caused by flooding
  • Seals with tape, zippers, hook-and-loop closures, etc.
  • Optional larger bag for more than one vehicle



The VProTech® Max is a new vehicle cover that prevents water damages caused by flooding. The cover is placed under the car, unfolded, and sealed for protection from hail, water and debris. This creates a bag-like device that covers the entire bottom of the vehicle. The sides are pulled up and secured. An optional top cover is available for covering the top portion of the vehicle for protection from hail, damaging winds and debris.

How it works:

  • The tarp is unfolded and placed beneath the car between the front and rear wheels. It should extend out both sides.
  • The vehicle is moved forward, over the folded rear portion of the tarp. The rear portion is unfolded behind the vehicle.
  • The vehicle is then moved backward, over the folded front portion of the tarp. The front portion is unfolded.
  • The vehicle is moved to the center of the tarp. The sides are pulled up and secured to form a solid structure (bag) containing the bottom portion of the vehicle. Rising water is prevented from coming inside the cover to seep into the vehicle
  • An additional installation option is to completely unfold the cover, and drive the vehicle onto the marked lines for perfect coverage

A top portion is provided to completely enclose the vehicle. It is placed over the top of the vehicle, zipped, and clipped to seal the vehicle inside. This also protects the vehicle from hail, sleet, snow, strong winds and other natural forces. It would be sealed against water, snow and other elements to prevent car damage.

See video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9mxhC8IbwI&feature=youtu.be

Multiple other manufacturing options are possible. Consumers may purchase a standard size cover, a large cover for trucks, SUVs, etc., a custom cover for each car, or a cover that will fit more than one vehicle. Commercial uses may include covers for multiple cars on sale lots, or single covers to use during transport.

Materials needed to produce the VProTech® Max:

  • Tarp
    • Strong plastic
    • Waterproof material
    • Cut to size
    • Folded and sealed in bag
  • Fasteners
    • Zippers or snaps
    • Ties or drawstrings
    • Hook and loop
    • Tape


The VProTech® Max is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,035,412















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