Stop-Lick Wrap™



The Stop-Lick Wrap™ is a new way to protect wound sites on pets from licking or scratching. It is a protective sheet that wraps around the animal and fastens on top, out of reach for paws and claws.

The Stop-Lick Wrap™ is made of strong, flexible fabric and pets can move with ease. The breathable fabric allows air flow, which speeds healing time. Although this wrap was made for dogs, it is easily adaptable for other animals.




Special features

  • Wrap around animal for wound coverage
  • Breathable fabric for improved healing
  • Washable, flexible fabric
  • Variety of closures
  • Multiple sizes
  • Trimmable for great fit
  • Neck, chest and head covering options
  • Covers stitches resulting from surgery
  • Covers wounds resulting from injury
  • Prevents scratching and licking at wound sites
  • Comfortable for pet
  • Allows for easy movement







The Stop-Lick Wrap™ is a wrap for dogs, and other animals, that covers stitches, wounds and injury sites for better healing. It is wrapped around the animal’s middle section, between front and back legs, and is fastened on top with closures. The wrap is trimmable, so it may be conformed to each pet for an exact fit.

The wrap fabric is flexible for movement, washable for long use, and breathable for better healing. A variety of sizes will fit many different animals, and will allow the user to customize the wrap for total coverage of stitches and wounds. Optional covers may be purchased for protecting a pet’s head, neck and chest. These may be used separately or with a wrap.

Veterinarians currently use many products to protect surgery sites, including a large collar, but the Stop-Lick Wrap™ is sure to become a preferred choice. It not only prevents the pet from disturbing stitches and sores, but will allow healing while not interfering with the pet’s activities.

Materials needed to produce the Stop-Lick Wrap™:

  • Wrap fabric
    • Breathable
    • Flexible
    • Trimmable
    • Sturdy
    • Washable
  • Fasteners
    • Straps and buckles
    • Hook-and-loop closures
    • Snaps
    • Elastic straps
  • Multiple sizes


The Stop-Lick Wrap™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,080,638














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