Free Girl™


The Free Girl™ is a new panty liner assembly that prevents leaks and help reduce pain from menstrual cramping by using magnets.

Magnetic therapy is based on a simple but effective premise. People feel pain when the pain impulses in nerves travel through body and register in the brain. The magnetic force blocks the transmission of the nerve impulses to the brain, thereby relieving the pain.




Special features

  • Three-layer assembly menstrual pad
  • Top layer ridged for no-leak use
  • Fluid leaves top layer through holes
  • Middle layer absorbs fluid
  • Magnet layer beneath middle layer
  • Bottom layer protects clothing from moisture
  • Wings included for more coverage protection
  • Added benefit over regular pads
  • Improved and more effective design
  • Improved function plus pain relief
  • Great for women with an active lifestyle
  • Better product for all menstruating women



The Free Girl™ is a magnetic panty liner assembly for reducing menstrual pain which includes a first panel, a second panel, and a third panel. The second panel, which is absorbent, is coupled to a lower face of the first panel. The third panel is coupled to a bottom surface of the second panel and a perimeter of the first panel to enclose the second panel. The ridge and the third panel are impermeable.

A coupler on an exterior face of the third panel is configured to couple the third panel to an undergarment. Menstrual fluid flows through the first panel to be absorbed by the second panel. A ridge on the first panel is positioned in abutment to skin of the user to prevent leakage. Magnets that are positioned between the second panel and the third panel are configured to reduce pain of menstruation. Wings on the bottom layer add more coverage area.

 Free Girl™ is a new type of pad for women of all ages who are on the go, athletes, and busy moms. The convenience and durability of the pad construction, including the magnet layer, assure the user that the day can be completed with no leaks and no interruption from painful cramps.



Materials needed to produce the Free Girl™:

  • Absorbent material
  • Soft foam, rayon or cotton
  • Magnets
  • Plastic covering for bottom
  • Adhesive strips



The Free Girl™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,918,762 




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