Plow Assembly/Trencher™



The Plow Assembly/Trencher™ is a plow with an attached cutting blade for creating a trench to lay pipe. The pipe can be attached to the cutting blade, and is installed while the trench is being cut.

This one-step pipe installation created less soil disruption, saves workers hours of time normally spent on repairing the soil, and makes the job more efficient and cost-effective.



Special features

  • Quicker process for trenching
  • Assembly attaches to a vehicle
  • Less soil disruption
  • Installs 500’ roll of HDPE in 30 minutes
  • Pipe/line is attached to cutting blade
  • Installs pipe while forming trench
  • Efficient process
  • Saves time and money



The Plow Assembly/Trencher™ digs trenches for laying cables and pipes. It is a small attachment that hooks onto a tractor and is dragged in the area where the pipe needs to go.

 A cutting blade is attached, the pipe can be secured to one end of the blade, and placed in the trench while it is being dug. This is a one-step process, making the installation more efficient and less time-consuming.

 While the trench is dug, very little top soil is disrupted, saving hours of manual labor to repair the location. This is a time-saving, money-saving, and labor-saving device that can be beneficial for anyone who must dig trenches to lay pipe, cables, lines, etc.


Materials needed to produce the Plow Assembly/Trencher™:

  • Plow assembly
    • Connector for vehicle
  • Cutting blade
    • Attachable to plow
  • Pipe/line attaching hardware


The Plow Assembly/Trencher™  is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,100,476














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