Tru-Convenience™ SUV Shelving




Tru-Convenience™ SUV Shelving is a portable shelving system that is used in the rear compartment of an SUV for safely transporting multiple items.

The shelving system can be made of 2 or 3 shelves, and has a clear, protective shield that attached to the top to prevent items from falling into the back seat. It is easy to install, easy to remove, prevents cargo items, including breakables, from moving around during transport.




Special features

  • Custom fit to cargo space
  • Doubles or triples cargo space
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to insert and remove from vehicle
  • Easily cleaned
  • Easily stored
  • Protects breakables from other items
  • Can use two or three shelves as needed
  • Configured at an angle to fit against rear seat
  • Configured to fit side-to-side
  • Clear acrylic shield prevents items from falling into back seat
  • Raised lip edges contain spills and keep items in place
  • Shelves are ribbed on the bottom to increase rigidity and strength
  • Convenient product for carrying groceries, sporting equipment, camping supplies, etc.




Tru-Convenience™ SUV Shelving is a custom-fit rack that fits in the rear compartment of an SUV. This rack securely holds items, such as groceries, during the trip home. The shelves provide increased storage space, separation areas for breakables, and eliminates stacking bags on top of each other.

The shelves are sturdy plastic, edged with a lip for containing spills, keep bags and other items from moving around, and increase space by two or three times. The two-shelf configuration holds taller bags, is the same height as the 3-shelf configuration, and both use an attached clear acrylic panel that prevents items from falling into the back seat.

Shelving units are easy to put together, take apart, and configure to the user’s specific needs. It comes apart for easy storage, and can be assembled quickly for immediate use. The shelves rise at an angle to fit against the rear seat, and fit side-to-side to fill the compartment.

The Tru-Convenience™ SUV Shelving units are made to fit multiple models of SUVs, and can be manufactured in various sizes to maximize the amount of SUV models in which it would fit.

Materials needed to produce the Tru-Convenience™ SUV Shelving:

  • Plastic shelves (3)
    • Angled grooves
    • Raised edge
  • Insertable legs
    • Short (8)
    • Long (4)
  • Plastic securing angles
  • Clear acrylic shield




The Tru-Convenience™ SUV Shelving is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,421,407




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