Doe B™ Window Set


The Doe B™ Window Set is a brace for installing windows to make sure the window is evenly placed and squared in all corners. One person can use this brace, which eliminates the need for extra hands. The brace set holds the window in place while the worker secures it into the frame.

This handy new tool reduces the manpower needed for window installations, saves time, and reduces costs for this service. By placing one brace in each corner of the window, it assists installers with a safer process for placing the windows evenly, holding heavy windows in place during installation, and ensures accurate window installation.





Special features

  • Safe window installation
  • Window installed by one person
  • Holds heavy window in place while securing
  • No re-seating or adjusting window while securing
  • Eliminates risk of dropped window while installing
  • Ensures even corner depth of installed window
  • Saves time by squaring corners
  • Saves manpower
  • Quick, easy and accurate window installation





The Doe B™ Widow Set is a new to hold a window steady and accurately while being installed. A brace is placed in each corner of the window, tightened against the frame, and holds the window in place while being anchored into place by screws. Only one person is needed to complete the window.

The brace is made of steel tubing, is anchored against the window, and tightened to hold the window in place. One set of four braces replaces a worker that is normally required to hold the heavy window in place. This is a time-saving method and is safer for the workers, especially on above-ground floors.

The Doe B™ Window Set will be sold as a set of four (required for each window) and will be a great asset to all companies who place windows in new and remodeled buildings. It is a time saver, reduces manpower, and allows window installation to be a quick and easy process.


Materials needed to produce the Doe B™ Window Set:

  • Steel tubing
  • Suction cup
  • Five-star knob
  • Carriage bolts
    • Threaded
    • Plain
  • End caps




The Doe B™ Window Set is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,458,127






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