Container Label Device




The Container Label Device is an ingenious invention that makes organizing, storage and moving a much easier chore. It is a container with a label device built into the structure itself. It enables the user to create a protected label with which to list the contents inside. The actual label device is inside the container along with a compartment for housing the label – protected from anything that would deface it or rip it off. So many times these things happen to labels stuck on a container or – just from natural wear – whatever is written on it becomes illegible and fades away.

The label compartment includes a window so the label can be seen from outside of the container. The container and label device are constructed so that the label can be placed in and removed from the compartment only from the inside.




Special features

  • Labels are protected and will no longer become faded, torn or detached altogether
  • Labels can be seen from the front of the container and from the side – so containers can be stacked any way needed
  • A label can be placed on and removed from the container only from the inside of the container.
  • Container is sturdy and durable
  • This container (window) has an interchangeable and reusable label.
  • The window size for the label can be customized to any size; custom specs.




The Container Label Device is sturdy and durable. It is made to stand the test of years, protecting the contents and the label that lists its contents.











A working prototype of the Container Label Device can be made available to demonstrate the design and functionality of the product.







The  Container Label Device is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,793,318 




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