The CoughCatcher® is a small, compact device that is used to catch and contain airborne droplets from a cough or a sneeze.

The plastic pouch is squeezed open, pressed to the face to cover the mouth, the filter inside catches the droplets, and the pocket is released back into a flat state. This outside of the pouch protects hands from contamination, is stored easily, accessible for immediate use when needed, and can be used multiple times before throwing away.




Special features

  • Small, compact device
  • Easily carried in a pocket, purse, or backpack
  • Can be used multiple times before disposal
  • Convenient and effective cough cover
  • Protects hands from contamination
  • Prevents spread of germs from coughing or sneezing
  • Top edge liner creates seal against face
  • Folds flat for storage




The CoughCatcher® is an outer (expandable) sheath containing an inner filter element which is similar to a surgical mask. The soft contoured mouth of the device is designed to form an effective seal on the face during application. It is basically a cough-catching filter in a flattened plastic sheath.

A person with a cough pulls the device out of his pocket and coughs into it. The aerosolized droplets are “caught” in the filter element, and the hand is protected by the plastic sheath. The CoughCatcher® can then be put back in the pocket. The need to wash one’s hands is greatly reduced, and the environment is better protected. The device is meant to be short-term reusable (all day), costing about the same as a small box of tissue. It can be used to “snatch a sneeze,” too.

Materials needed to produce the CoughCatcher®:

  • Plastic pocket
  • Filter
  • Edge liner







The  CoughCatcher® is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,723,880




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