Charm Pen™


The Charm Pen™ is a uniquely-designed puzzle pen which allows users to construct a pen or stylus by sliding puzzle pieces over a threaded body, revealing a marketing or advertising message. The device offers a fun, unique, and highly-marketable method for business advertisements, displaying company logos, and more.

The pen/stylus can be used as a party favor for any occasion, a promotional product for a business, or a gift for new clients. The puzzle pieces, including pen filler or stylus, can be presented in a gift bag or decorative box for the user to assemble to reveal a message or business information. Kids will love a sport or beaded design, and everyone will enjoy putting a puzzle together.



Special features

  • Unique pen/stylus
  • Entertaining gift
  • Puzzle pieces form barrel of pen
  • Can be printed with business information
  • Can be constructed of customized beads and gems
  • Two styles—threaded body or body formed from pieces
  • Sections thread together or onto barrel
  • Puzzle pieces join together to form message
  • Create a bling pen with decorative beads
  • Create a sport pen with specific shaped beads
  • Great for family celebrations
  • Great for business promotions
  • Customizable
  • Versatile product






The Charm Pen™ is a highly unique and marketable puzzle pen which potential clients must put together in order to see the customized advertisement, logo or message. The device is comprised of a threaded body with slip-on pen pieces that slide over the body. There can be two end caps, a top and a bottom, that hold the connected puzzle pieces in place to form the pen barrel. Spacers can be added in between beads, gems, and puzzle pieces to complete the construction.

A second version of the pen has a threaded body to which threaded beads and spacers can be attached. These beads may be customized to represent sport balls, gemstones, and other objects to fit the occasion that is being celebrated. This can be birthdays, sporting team events, graduations, and many more.

The Charm Pen™ can be constructed of plastic and other suitable materials, and is available in a wide variety of colors, designs, and shapes suited to the user’s needs and preferences. Exact size, measurement and construction is design specific and may vary upon manufacturing.




Materials needed to produce the Charm Pen™:

  • Pen Filler
  • Housing shaft
    • Threaded, connecting sections
    • Top and bottom end pieces
    • Printed
  • Beads
    • All shapes
    • All colors
    • Shaped like sport balls
  • Spacers
  • Container box or bag



The Charm Pen™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,131,179 











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