Collapsible Dunnage




Dunnage boards are typically wooden or plastic planks to separate and support cargo during transportation. While they have benefits for cargo drivers, they also have some potential drawbacks.

Collapsible Dunnage™ offers several advantages for flatbed drivers in terms of cargo transportation in terms of durability, space, weight, customization, safety, and reusability. They are easy to install and can be collapsed when not in use. This will aid in the safe installation and removal of cargo.




Special features

  • More Durable Than Wood
  • It Can Be Collapsed When Not In Use
  • Customization to Fit Specific Cargo
  • No Risk of Movement
  • Reusable





The Collapsible Dunnage™ device includes a mounting plate to secure the device to a trailer. The device is supported in a raised position by a first and second support plate. The devices are configured to bear a load in the raised position by a load-supporting plate connected to the first and second support plates. The dunnage can transition from the raised position to a lowered one with a reduced profile.






needed to produce the Collapsible Dunnage™:

  • Metal Plates
  • Metal Hinges
  • Attachment Hardware




The Collapsible Dunnage™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 11,377,020




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