Shadow Swing Bat™




Teaching a person to swing a bat is a very daunting task. It requires years of practice and training with an experienced batting coach to perfect the person’s swing. Also, the difficulty of teaching increases or decreases based on circumstances, such as natural talent for hitting, terrific vision, and hand-eye coordination. Further, proper swing mechanics encompasses a number of techniques and mechanics, such as proper hand placement and body movement, optimal bat acceleration, and ample power to hit the ball. Several devices have been designed in the past to improve bat mechanics for bat swinging and hitting skills. None of them, however, include a device that is capable of providing a fool-proof method for learning how to hit and being able to do it consistently with power.

The Shadow Swing Bat is a practice bat that was designed to help baseball and softball players create consistent mechanics that can be performed with every swing. The Shadow Swing Bat teaches players to extend their back or top hand and arm to the back of the ball. This creates a swing in the same plane and angle of the pitch. The bat and ball are in the same path and angle for a longer time. The ball and bat are traveling in opposite directions. If the bat and ball are centered in the same plane, when the ball and bat collide, a lot of energy transfers into the ball. The majority of hitters have a bat path that crosses the path the ball is traveling on. Hitting may happen, but strike outs, ground balls, and pop-ups will happen most consistently.

When the bat and ball are traveling in opposite directions and are in the same angle and path, hitting happens at a very high level.

Pitchers change speed and location to try and get hitters out. A student who trains with a Shadow Swing Bat will make the adjustments because they are not thinking. Every pitch is either hittable or it isn’t. A hitters success comes from having the bat in the same path with the ball for a longer period of time.

The handle of the Shadow Swing Bat extends about an inch as the barrel of the bat rotates during the swing. This separates the player’s hands and provides instant feedback as to when the swing is breaking down. When the Shadow Swing Bat is used properly, the bat impacts the ball at the very edge of breakdown.

The Shadow Swing Bat is the best way to teach baseball and softball players how to properly hold and swing their bats to hit the ball every time.




Special features

  • Only fool-proof method for learning how to hit with consistent power
  • Handle extends about an inch, separating the player’s hands to the correct swing position
  • Provides instant feedback to the player
  • Encourages and develops muscle memory for baseball and softball players





The Shadow Swing Bat consists of a barrel and a handle. The handle is designed to extend via an extender device coupling. It is configured to enable a user to achieve proper swing mechanics through feedback or diagnosis and correction of an individual user’s swing.




The swing training device also enables the user to establish muscle memory in the correct batting position so that the user would be able to assume the proper position and execute the swing consistently with proper swing mechanics.

Using the Shadow Swing Bat and its technology helps the bat stay on the same path and angle where the player’s eyes see the ball. Trusting the bat’s feedback through contact with the ball builds player confidence. Hand-eye coordination helps duplicate little successes, which opens the door to building one’s confidence.

Materials needed to produce the Shadow Swing Bat:

  • Wood or Metal Bat Base
  • Screw and Threaded Base
  • Spring
  • Additional Connecting Hardware





The Shadow Swing Bat is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,744,386





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