Audio Playing Flying Disc



The Audio Playing Flying Disc is a Bluetooth speaker and a frisbee in one! Frisbee is a fun sport that many people, both younger and older, have enjoyed for centuries. Other products on the market allow frisbee players the opportunity to listen to music, audio books, and more while they play frisbee. However, none of these products allow players to easily skip songs or pause and play from the disc itself.

The greatest feature of this product is that players can easily control what they listen to with the build-in controller in the center of the disc. The built-in controller has buttons that clearly show what they do. They are also conveniently located to prevent prolonged interruption to the game. The Audio Playing Flying Disc is the only product that has this feature!

Instead of carrying a separate Bluetooth speaker around, or listening to poor audio on your phone, you can have fun and listen to music with the Audio Playing Flying Disc!

With the right licensing partner, the Audio Playing Flying Disc can be designed in various colors and configurations to meet the needs of anyone that plays frisbee.





Special features

  • Only product that has a built-in controller in the center with clearly labeled buttons
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Built-in speaker
  • Various colors and configurations available
  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive to manufacture






The Audio Playing Flying Disc is a molded flying disc with a speaker and controller buttons located in the center of the disc. The flying disc can be made from molded plastic or rubber. It is designed with a well in the center that holds the built-in Bluetooth system, speakers, and controller buttons securely in place.



The Audio Playing Flying Disc connects to a device via Bluetooth by pressing the Bluetooth button. Once the device is paired, audio can then play through the speaker in the center of the disc. Frisbee players can then pause, play, stop, and skip audio by pressing the relevant buttons on the disc. This allows players to play frisbee without taking their devices out of their pockets.


Materials needed to produce the Audio Playing Flying Disc™:

  • Molded Plastic/Rubber Body of Flying Disc
  • Speakers
  • LED Lights
  • Computer Control Board with USB Input




The Audio Playing Flying Disc is covered by United States Utility Patent: 11,161,053




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