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Those who work and/or play outside in the summer months know what a burden the heat is. Such people must constantly worry about heatstroke, heat exhaustion, and other types of heat illnesses, as they are common occurrences in hot weather. This heat buildup is often complicated when the user must wear glasses as a piece of safety gear, as a necessity to see, to keep the sun out of their eyes, or as a piece of protective equipment as required by a sporting or recreation activity.

Not only must the user deal with heat, but also with the sweat that runs down from the forehead and possibly into their eyes. Even the healthiest of workers can succumb to heat illness if he or she ignores the warning signs. Productivity and safety can be compromised as well. Accordingly, there exists a need for a means by which individuals who must wear glasses and be exposed to high heat conditions can be kept cool in an effort to address the issues described above.

The development of the Eyewear with Cooling Frame Cover™ fulfills this need. The eyewear consists of a frame and lenses that contain thermally conductive materials. When the user wears the glasses, they will feel a cooling effect on their face where the eyewear makes contact.

In a nutshell, the Eyewear with Cooling Frame Cover™ is an ice pack for your face. It will provide users with relief from headaches, concussions, swollen or black eyes, heat exhaustion, and more. The product was developed by Roy Romano, an HVAC technician in Texas. He developed the idea while trying to stay cool in the Texas heat and discovered it could be used in many ways. Mr. Romano is seeking licensure for his product.




The Eyewear with Cooling Frame Cover™ was designed to cool the face of the wearer. To do this, the eyewear must be placed inside a cold receptacle, like a fridge or ice chest, to achieve the right cold temperature. This process is achieved through thermally conductive materials in the frame that retain cold. When the wearer puts the glasses on, they will feel an immediate cooling sensation. This eyewear can have prescription lenses, tinted lenses, gradient lenses, polarized lenses, or impact-resistant lenses. Lenses are treated with a hydrophobic coating to prevent moisture buildup. The Eyewear with Cooling Frame Cover™ is form-fitting so it will not slip off the user’s face. The eyewear also comes with a protective case to preserve it.

Some of the special features of Eyewear with Cooling Frame Cover™ include:

  • Form-fitting plastic frame
  • Hydrophobic coated lenses
  • Variety of lenses
  • Cooling materials built into frame





The hydrophobic coating comprises a range of 20 nms to 30 nms layer of nanocrystal-line transparent coating of titanium dioxide. The rim, the bridge, and the temples are made of metal, or a metal alloy made with graphene. The rim, the bridge, and the temples may be made of a thermally insulative material selected from the group consisting of plastic, fiberglass, and wood.

The interstitial space may be filled with a thermal storage medium selected from the group consisting of water, hydroxyethyl cellulose, sodium polyacrylate, and vinyl-coated silica gel. The eyewear may be form-fitting and thus provides an increased level of contact with the wearer’s face, eye area, and sides of the head when compared to other forms of eyewear.

The eyewear may provide the rim and the pair of temples with increased skin contact area and an increased profile for thermal retention. The eyewear may be stored in a storage case which is insulated to enhance the thermal properties of the eyewear by preservation. The hydrophobic coating reduces a buildup of water or condensation which readily develops during an initial thermal transition phase of use.

Materials needed to produce the Eyewear with Cooling Frame Cover™:

  • Thermal storage medium
  • Plastic
  • Hydrophobic coating
  • Eyeglass cases






The Eyewear with Cooling Frame Cover™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 11,112,619





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