Coal Cover™



The Coal Cover™ is a framed, retractable cover that fits on top of a coal car. The cover is made of aluminum, retracts on a roller within the frame, and has no welded parts that will shake loose or crack during use.

The cover will fit any open-top railcar, including bottom-dump cars and rotary cars. The Coal Cover™ does not require any railcar modifications, makes the railcar more aerodynamic, and prevents losing coal during transport.





Special features

  • Fits any open-top railcar
  • Frame holds gears inside the car
  • Covers entire top – no overhang
  • Saves fuel and reduces pollution
  • Protects ballast from contamination
  • Only adds 22” of height
  • Full length opening is 98” wide
  • Will accommodate loading chutes
  • Air operated motor for cover retraction
  • Radio controlled – no climbing on top of car
  • No welded parts – prevents cracking
  • Main unit assembled and shipped
  • Easy to install – no need to remove for loading
  • Additional bracketry needed for rotary cars





The Coal Cover™ is a railcar cover that protects coal loads while in transit. The retractable cover winds up with gears and sprockets located at one end of the frame. An air operated motor makes it easy to cover and uncover the load.


The cover and frame attach to the top of an open railcar. The cover is 22” tall, allowing the load to extend 19” over the top edges. The cover keeps the coal load intact for the duration of the transit, losing no coal and blowing no coal dust to pollute the air. When retracted, the full-length opening is 98” wide to accommodate coal chutes for loading. The cover does not need to be removed.

The Coal Cover™ reduces fuel usage, saving money for transporting coal, reduces ballast losses, and reduces the amount of derailments due to soggy and coal-littered tracks.

The railroads own very few cars, they lease many, and the railroad would like to have the cars covered. The railroad will see a ten percent fuel savings in pulling covered cars, and the savings would be enough to pay for the covers. The railroad burns more diesel fuel than all other transportation methods combined. The economic and environmental impact would be substantial.


The Coal Cover™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,315,669








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