Step Cart- Deployable Stool™





The Step Cart- Deployable Stool™ seeks to revolutionize the shopping experience of consumers all over with its unique product. Currently many shoppers experience the struggle of not being able to reach items placed higher up on a shelf. This can make the shopping experience frustrating and potentially dangerous with some of the potential solutions.

The Step Cart- Deployable Stool™ is a step unit attachment that easily integrates with standard shopping carts and potentially similar products. Its design is sleek and durable with a very practical purpose of extending the user’s vertical reach. This product will provide shoppers a more enjoyable experience along with providing more accessibility to shoppers with a lower-than-average vertical reach. Having this product used with shopping carts and stores also allows retailers to utilize more of their higher shelf space increasing the number of products they can have on display.






Special features

  • Easily integrates with shopping carts
  • Allows shoppers to increase their vertical reach
  • Increases accessibility for shoppers
  • Stores can utilize more shelf space due to shoppers’ higher reach
  • Effortlessly slides in and out of the bottom of the cart with the use of a foot
  • Sturdy, level surface to minimize accidents or injury when in use
  • Seamless, out of the way storage when not in use
  • Easy and intuitive for users to operate
  • Accommodates a range of user weights
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • High quality, durable materials to last daily use
  • Cost efficient design
  • Simple manufacturing process






The Step Cart- Deployable Stool™ is the perfect addition to shopping carts. It is a deployable stool system that is attached a shopping cart via a sliding system with rollers. The product can be securely stored under the shopping cart when not in use. When the product is needed, the user can simply use their foot to pull the product out to the extended length. There are stoppers at the end of the sliding mechanism to ensure the product will not slide all the way out in the process of pulling it out. The product can then be utilized as a platform for users to safely stand on top of to increase their vertical reach. Once users are finished, they can simply push the product all the way back in under the cart using their foot. Users are also able to use their hands to push and pull the product out, but it is designed to be easy for use with feet to increase the ease of use and reduce sanitary hazards compared to using hands.

The key feature of the Step Cart- Deployable Stool™ is the integrated way for shoppers to increase their vertical reach. This easy-to-use product allows shoppers to finally reach those currently out of reach items on shelves or racks in a quick and safe way. This allows users to quickly continue with their shopping experience without having to ask for assistance or perform dangerous actions such as standing in the shopping cart or climbing shelves. This will allow stores to display more products higher on their shelve that can be reached with the Step Cart- Deployable Stool™. This also allows stores to be more accessible for shoppers with a shorter than average vertical reach along with reducing the amount of time their staff must spend helping customers get products down.

The two metal legs that make points of contact with the ground make the shopping cart not move when in use. The product can easily be moved between storage mode and active use mode simply by placing one foot’s underneath the product, putting pressure with the top of the foot on the bottom of the product, and pulling back with the foot to drag the product out of the back of the cart. When in storage, it is lightweight and compact allowing shoppers to easily maneuver the cart without having a bunch of added weight or constantly hitting their feet on the product when walking around the store with the shopping cart. This makes it a seamless way to integrate the product without requiring users to carry this product or put it in their shopping cart when doing their shopping.

The sturdy materials used allow users of a wide weight range to safely use this product along. The durability of the materials helps this product last the wear and tear that can occur to items used multiple times a day including the assumption that some users will not be gentle. Even if there are minor dents or scratches made in the product, it can still be safe to use through the tough wear and tear that may occur. Since the product is a simple design made mostly of rectangular metal sheets, it is simple and cost efficient to produce. The Step Cart- Deployable Stool™ is truly a one-of-a-kind product that really brings its unique design features together to create an incredibly useful product for retailers to utilize worldwide that will enhance the shopping experience.

Materials needed to produce the Step Cart- Deployable Stool™:

  • Durable metal such as steel
  • Tools to cut and shape metal pieces
  • Rollers or other sliding mechanism







The Step Cart- Deployable Stool™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,717,456











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