Ice Chute™





The Ice Chute™ is designed to hold ice that spills while filling at a drink machine. Ice normally will fall on the floor, which can then cause someone to slip and fall as it melts. Constant water on the floor can also cause mold to grow and the floor to rot, which will cost money and time to repair.




With the Ice Chute™, there will be less water to clean up, fewer slips and falls by employees and customers, and less worker’s compensation claims. Further, the Ice Chute™ improves sanitation.

Dirty ice does not melt and go back into the Ice Chute™ like standard ice catches, ensuring the clean ice does not become contaminated.

Finally, the Ice Chute™ will reduce waste in the form of spillage and wasted manual labor due to cleaning up spillage, and it will help the environment by meeting OSHA guidelines.

Ice Chute™ will benefit every restaurant and food-service facility in the US by adhering to OSHA guidelines, protecting every individual from contamination and disease.







Special features

Tony Vella, inventor of the Ice Chute™, designed the product when he discovered he had a problem that needed to be solved. The floors in his restaurant were always wet, dirty, molding, and rotting away due to spilled ice melting on the floor. He also was worried his employees would slip and fall. The standard Pepsi and Coca-Cola drink dispensers proved inferior in this manner, so he solved the problem. He designed the Ice Chute™ with the intent to catch spilled ice.




Special features of the Ice Chute™ include:

  • Stainless steel container
  • Funneled edges to catch spilled ice
  • Removeable lid
  • Fits current commercial drink dispensers
  • Meets OSHA safety standards
  • Only product on the market





The Ice Chute™ is a two-piece container, comprised of a stainless-steel box and removable stainless-steel lid. The box is designed to catch spilled ice from a Pepsi or Coca-Cola drink dispenser. Funneled sides catch the ice and drop it into the box below.



Metalwork and welding are required to build the Ice Chute™. Tony Vella hopes to be the supplier for the product and would have the product manufactured overseas to reduce the cost of production.




Materials needed to produce the Ice Chute™:

  • 55304 (Stainless steel)
  • Laser Etching





The Ice Chute™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,670,321





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