The iLaptop® is a workstation device that attaches to a piece of luggage (briefcase, carry-on bag) for travelers. It includes a solar strip for power, holders for accessories and a platform for a laptop or other electronic device.

The iLaptop® provides a workstation wherever the user needs one. It allows the user to work on a computer, provides a USB port for using a mouse or keyboard, and a light to illuminate the work area. The iLaptop® can be folded away, and transported, as necessary, to go with the user, but can be readily accessed and used at any time.




  • Portable workstation
  • Can be attached to luggage handle
  • Carried as separate unit
  • Can be stored in luggage
  • Solar power strip provides electrical energy
  • Platform for holding laptop or electronic device
  • Holders for accessories
  • USB port/charging station
  • Light Source
  • Great for working during travel layovers or delays
  • Business can conducted while traveling
  • Convenient device for all travelers
  • Great for all kinds of traveling (air, train, etc.)



The iLaptop® is an electronic device holder that can be attached to a luggage handle. It can be carried along with luggage while travelling, can be attached to a briefcase or carry-on handle, and provides a workstation for using an electronic device conveniently.

The iLaptop® has a foldable connector that attaches to a luggage handle, a solar power strip on top of the holder to generate electrical energy, a battery for energy storage, a storage space for assorted accessories, and a cup holder. The unit also contains a USB port to connect at least one USB device, a charging station, a power outlet, and a light source to illuminate the work area.

The iLaptop® provides all necessary facilities for a user to work while travelling without looking for a separate space or table in a busy airport or train station, or even outdoors. This works for business or pleasure travelers, vacationers, and all others who use their laptops while traveling.

Materials needed to produce the iLaptop®:

  • Device platform
  • Storage Compartment
  • Luggage handle connector
  • LED Light
  • Coffee Cup Holder
  • Solar Power Strip
  • Power Cable Outlet
  • Mouse Pad Holder
  • Computer Screen
  • USB device
  • Wi-Fi USB connector
  • Power Cable


TheiLaptop® is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,561,234





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